Yescomusa: Tips on Picking the Perfect Camping Tent

Yescomusa: Tips on Picking the Perfect Camping Tent

Backpack Camping Tent Advice

June is National Camping Month! Now that most states are reopening and businesses are lifting restrictions, it is time for you to enjoy the summer and go camping with your friends and family. Everyone knows that setting up a sturdy camping tent is key to planning a successful camping trip. That’s why Yescomusa has prepared the perfect guide to choosing the perfect camping tent! Make sure you read our list before you buy! 

Camping Tent Size

The size of your camping tent is crucial because it affects your pockets, packing capability, comfortability, and overall enjoyment of the trip. Typically, backpacking tents are divided into categories by the number of people they hold. Models typically hold 1-4 people.

High quality tents are cozy, but lightweight and can be easily packed away. There is no particular industry standard that outlines the size or dimensions required for each person so you can expect each company to vary. For those who enjoy extra space, a great rule of thumb is to purchase a tent that is one person larger than the group that you’re traveling with.   

Seasonal Tents

Tents are built to help you pleasantly survive the harsh elements while appreciating the great outdoors! Camping tents are put into two categories when discussing seasons. Understanding the difference is vital to your safety and comfort.

3- Season Backpacking Tents. These tents are designed to keep weight low and endure weather conditions from the spring, summer, and fall. High quality tents can protect you from light snowfall, rain storms, and wind but are not suitable for heavy stormy areas. Many 3-season camping tents include: 

  • Mesh panels to allow air circulation but keep out insects and other bugs 
  • Upright walls 
  • Few poles and lightweight fabric 

4- Season Camping Tents. Many campers own more than one tent, especially if you camp frequently. Extended-Season backpacking tents can be used all year around, even during the snowy months. These tents can be used at high-elevations and snowy conditions. Some features include: 

  • Additional poles for stability and strength 
  • Thick fabric panels that insulate heat and protect you from snow storms

Camping Tent Weight

The weight of your backpacking tent is important, especially if you're traveling partially on foot. Most tents are designed to be strong, but keep the weight low in case you are hiking. However, it is often a trade off between strength and weight. Consider ultralight tents if you’re looking for a good balance between weight and strength. Though stronger and lighter, ultralight tents tend to be more extensive than traditional tents. 


Rainstorms happen unexpectedly and you have to be prepared. You want a tent that can be easily assembled and reassembled in minutes. Building your tent is important and needs to be done quickly. 

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