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7 Smart Strategies For Increasing Home Value 

When buying a home, most Americans consider the potential property value that their home will incur over the years. Whether a home is in perfect condition or it is a fixer-upper, the resale value of your home can depend on many factors including, but not limited to, the location and the current market. Though many homeowners are confident, their homes will increase in value that is not always true. Welcome to Yescom’s proven ways to improve your home’s value. 
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Start From the Outside In
Your lawn is the introduction to your home. Start your home renovation with the outside of your home. Make your neighbors jealous with a modern and fully decorated patio or lawn. This increases your property value and increases the average cost of homes in your neighborhood. When remodeling your yard or the outside of your home, consider the following: 
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Affordable Home Renovation 
Increase the property value of your home by adding a few modern upgrades. Don’t spend a lot of money upgrading your home; just have to be creative. A touch of inventiveness goes a long way. Simple, boosts can really affect the property value of your home. For example, a popular 2021 trend is to install a sliding barn door. 
Sliding barn doors are popular because they can turn an awkward space into an elegant room. Lock away eyesores such as messy laundry rooms or storage areas. Create a closet space or a small office by creating a modern privacy barrier that will give your home a contemporary upgrade. 
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Easy Installations
Sometimes the term “home renovation” comes with the expectation of a lot of hard work. However, that is not always true. Start small with easy installations such as a ceiling fan. Airflow is essential to the energy and feel of the room. You’ll be surprised by how much a simple upgrade can modernize a space.
Aquaterior offers an entire collection of easily installed sinks and bathroom features. Within minutes, improve the look of your bathroom with an artistic vessel sink or touchless faucet.  
Make Your Home as Low-Maintenance as Possible 
As discussed earlier with your lawn and patio, making your home as low-maintenance as possible is an excellent selling point. When buying a home, buyers consider the work that needs to be done on the house, including the roof and furnace repair. Make your home easy to maintain with these following suggestions: 
  • Replace carpet with hardwood floors
  • Install central air instead of older cooling systems 
  • Replace countertops with easy to clean, durable material 
Efficiency is Key 
Everyone loves saving money. Making your home energy efficient is a fantastic way to increase the property value of your home. Relying on solar energy can actually save you up to 94% of your electric bill. Depending on how long your solar panel lasts, you can end up saving $10,000 to $30,000 on your electric costs. Not only do solar panels help save you money, but they will:
  • Reduce your carbon footprint 
  • Increase the value of your home 
  • Earn you money on your investment 
Add Smart Features 
Making your home “smart” is a great way to modernize it and increase the property value. With new technology, our lives are made more comfortable, and when we add these upgrades to our home, the benefits are unexpected and seemingly endless. Some examples of smart systems and appliances you should consider installing include:
  • Smart locks
  • Smart camera systems
  • Smart carbon monoxide detectors 
  • Smart thermostats 
  • Smart lights 
  • Smart fire detectors
Turn Your Backyard into a Home Gym
Turning your backyard into a home gym is easier than you think! At-home outdoor gyms will remind you to keep motivated! Building a home gym in your backyard can be done simply by purchasing a few items. Essential items include a yoga ball, yoga mat, bike and more! Check out our guide to building a home gym into your backyard.      
Upgrade Your Bathroom
Your bathroom is your private getaway, make it your paradise! However, you normally share you bathroom with a significant other or family member. Check out these bathroom upgrades that all couples can agree on!   
 Remodel Your Patio
Make your patio the most comfortable place in the house with these simple and fun upgrades! Though these upgrades may not necessarily increase the property value of your home they will help you relax. Check out our outdoor home patio decorating tips.
Increase the Property Value of your Home 
The property value of your home can depend on many factors. Control what you can by upgrading your home from the outside in. Summer is the perfect time to remodel your home! Check out our home and outdoor collection for more ideas on home renovations. Save on purchases when you join our Yescom Rewards Program and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for coupons and other sales information.