At-Home Gym Ideas That Will Motivate You to Workout 

Backyard home gym ideas
Many states are still wondering when gyms will reopen. For the most part, much of the decision is left up to the individual counties and states. While more populated areas such as New York and Los Angeles, are opening more slowly, other countries are reopening gyms under strict precautions. Some of these new regulations include: 
  • Restricting gym occupancy to 33% or less
  • Mandatory face coverings 
  • Blocked off exercise equipment to encourage social distancing
  • Frequent cleaning of equipment and area 
While these are the minimum requirements for most gyms, some franchises have taken creative approaches such as offering online classes, outdoor exercises and placing plastic shields between exercise machines. All this commotion can certainly be nerve-wracking. Yescomusa says take matters in your own hands and turn that extra space into an outdoor gym. 
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Backyard Gym Ideas
An outdoor workout can be a refreshing and relaxing experience. Take advantage of your extra space, and turn it into a personalized gym you can enjoy. The key to any decoration adventure is starting with a theme and building around it. When considering your backyard, gym options start with your favorite type of workout. Here are a few suggestions: 
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Discover Your Backyard Yoga Space
The Principles of Yoga include relaxation, exercises, positive thinking, and meditation. Keep this in mind when designing your mental vacation. Include features such as LED glowing wind chimes, water fountains, birdhouses or feeders, and stone gardens. Focus on creating a zen space where you can connect to nature with little distractions. 
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You don’t need much yoga outdoor home gym equipment to get a full-body workout in your backyard. Some of the essential equipment should include: 
    1. Yoga mat
    2. Half Yoga Ball 
    3. Elastic stretch strap
    4. Caw Awning for shade and comfort
    5. Speakers
    6. Outdoor theatre system for following workout routines and exercising with other    
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Secrets to a Calisthenic Gym 
Calisthenics are gymnastic exercises that focus on bodily fitness through grace and movement. These types of activities are great for improving your posture and decreasing overall fat mass.   
Examples of calisthenic exercises include: 
  1. Pull-ups
  2. Push-ups 
  3. Lunges 
  4. Jumping Jacks 
  5. Chin-ups 
  6. Planks 
  7. Trunk twists  
Calisthenic workouts mainly include routines that use your own body weight as the load or weight. While some consider adding weighted vests, there is not much equipment that you really need to get a calisthenic workout. So, as far as your backyard esthetic, we say go eccentric! 
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Playground equipment provides opportunities for various fun calisthenic workouts and are also fun if you have children! Use the swings as a pull-up bar and the slide as a step-up machine. Feel like a gymnast on the monkey bars and finish your workout with a drink at the water fountain. 
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Extreme Backyard Bootcamp 
If you are used to a high-intensity workout and refuse to accept anything less, then a backyard boot camp theme is the perfect gym for you. Creativity is fundamental to any backyard Bootcamp exercise! You’ve probably seen or heard of activities that incorporate car tires and ropes, but there are many other ways you can repurpose items in your home and include them in your gym. 
Here are our suggestions: 
  1. A wire or rope as a jump rope
  2. A sack of potatoes or dense produce as a medicine ball 
  3. Traffic cones for cardio drills and plank walks  
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The Benefits of Garage Gyms
Garage gyms are a gym rat's dream! Building a gym in your garage is great because you can add as much equipment to your gym without worrying about it becoming an eyesore or getting in the way of your other directions. Feel free to add larger machines such as foldable electric treadmills or gigantic weights. 
Consider installing a fitness dance pole. Dance poles are not only easy to install anywhere in your home, but they can give you a full-body workout. 
Backyard home Gym Ideas
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