Get the Movie Theatre Experience at Home: Let’s Watch Mulan

Get the Movie Theatre Experience at Home: Let’s Watch Mulan

Turn your Backyard into your Personal Home Theatre 

The big screen, the greasy food, the rumbling sound system- there is nothing like enjoying your favorite movie on the big screen! Movie theatres are still closed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the summer blockbusters you’ve been waiting for all season! Thankfully, Disney is releasing their heavily anticipated live-action movie Mulan on Disney Plus Sept.4th, which gives you just enough time to create the perfect movie theatre experience in your backyard. 

How can you Watch Mulan?

Over the past few years, Disney has been releasing their animated classics such as The Lion King and Aladdin as full live-action features, and this year it’s time for Mulan’s debut! Suppose you’re familiar with the animated film. In that case, you know the heroic adventure of the brave young girl who defies society and makes history by joining the Chinese army in disguise and leading her country to victory. The film is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan and stars the talented actress Yifei Liu. To enjoy Disney’s Live-Action Mulan, you’re not only going to see a subscription to Disney Plus but an additional $30 for full access. 

Setting-up Your Backyard Theatre Screen

The first step to setting up your backyard theatre is picking the perfect big screen to view it on. Projectors are great tools for creating popup theatres because they are incredibly portable and can be used on a myriad of surfaces. However, using a sturdy projection screen ensures the best quality picture by reflecting natural light and highlighting each pixel with perfection. Place your projection screen with its back toward the natural sunlight to avoid glares and unsightly flashes.

 Get a Heavy-Duty Sound System 

In addition to getting the perfect image for your home movie theatre, you need a great sound system! Most modern speakers can be attached directly to projector systems, laptops, and even smartphones. A single speaker with a perfect pitch is more than enough to enjoy the movie without disturbing your neighbors. 


How to Create the Perfect Seating 

If you’re watching this film with your immediate family and friends, you might not need to be concerned with distancing; however, the perfect seating arrangement is key to creating the ideal atmosphere. Place your chairs in a semicircle around your screen to ensure even viewing for everyone in the family. Use comfortable seating made for relaxing for more extended periods. 

Creating the Perfect Menu    

Nowadays, there are hundreds of diets on the market, and satisfying an entire family can be difficult. When planning your viewing party, you’re going to want a cooking appliance that can make a variety of food, quickly, and efficiently. Many people underestimate the versatility of a tabletop deep fryer. There are many deep frying vegan recipes that your family can enjoy and their usual movie snacks such as popcorn and candy.  

Minimize Distractions and Control the Mood 

Distractions can potentially ruin your entire viewing experience. Distractions can come in many forms, such as neighborhood noises, environmental conditions, and hungry pests! Prepare for bad weather with a patio awing or top, and be sure to keep an extra citronella candle around from the excited bugs that may want to try your dinner, or even worse, have you for dinner.

Enjoy your Film 

Don’t miss out on this summer’s most anticipated moments; modify them! Enjoy your favorite summer hits from the comfort of your own home and create a space you never want to leave. Check out our home and outdoor collection for more ideas on home renovations. Save on purchases when you join our Yescom Rewards Program and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for coupons and other sales information.

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