Top 6 Ways to Escape the Summer Heat

Top 6 Ways to Escape the Summer Heat

How to Keep Cool This Summer 

Summer is the best time to enjoy the warm weather. However, for some of us, the heat can become a little unbearable and even dangerous for children and the elderly. This summer may be warmer than expected. Stay cool with summer with the best summertime products and summer safety tips Yescom has to offer. 

Keep the Room Cool 

Unfortunately, the summer heat can rise to dangerous heights. Beat the uncomfortable heat with a portable evaporative air cooler. These remote-controlled air conditions work well in both inside and outside areas without wasting electricity. Sleep well with an air conditioner that filters out dust and dehumidifies the room.    

Rent a Boat 

Nothing beats the summer heat like a long relaxing boat ride, especially if you're celebrating a holiday or special occasion. Rent a boat this summer and feel the fresh air on your face while communing with nature. There are many activities you can do on your boat to ensure an entertaining time. Such activities include:

  1. Fishing 
  2. Swimming 
  3. Water Skiing
  4. Scuba Diving
  5. Wakeboarding 

Enjoy the Shade 

Use a tilting solar-powered LED light umbrella to keep cool from the sizzling sun. These patio umbrellas are perfect for your terrace or garden and can be used at night without the use of electricity. Not only can these umbrellas be adjusted to protect you from the sun, wind, and rain, but they can create a romantic atmosphere at night. 

Treat Yourself with Something Sweet 

Keep cool this summer by enjoying an icy treat! Get an electric ice shaver machine to make delicious, icy treats like margaritas, snow cones, and more! An ice shaver is a perfect machine for the entire family as it gives you the opportunity to experiment with different flavors and tastes. 


Play Water Sports 

The best way to cool down is to get wet! By playing water sports such as surfing, cliff diving, underwater hockey, and undersea walking you will not only help you get great exercise but cool off as well. In fact, simply soaking in a pool or outside shower will do wonders for your skin and help you successfully beat the heat. Popular water sports include:

  1. Diving
  2. Swimming 
  3. Sailing 
  4. Fishing 
  5. Rowing
  6. Surfing 

Keep Cold Food Cool 

Keep your food and beverages ice cold for over 24 hours with a sturdy stainless steel water bottle. There is no better way to beat the heat than by drinking and cool beverage! In fact, dehydration is a common cause of death and illness during the summer. Be sure to always have water on hand to avoid fainting, overheating, and shortness of breath.


Beat the Summer Heat With Yescom

Don‘t burn out this summer! Enjoy our summer safety time and summer activities for adults the best way possible. Take the time to review our home and outdoor collection! You can save more on our summer collection be sure to join our Yescom Rewards Program. Learn about our new deals, releases, and promotions when you follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Get connected and be prepared for the summer! 

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