Exercises To Improve Work Performance 

Your health directly affects your work performance. This is likely not only due to your mood being improved, because you will have more energy due to increased blood flow and stress reduction. When you’re happier, you work faster, smarter, better. That’s why many companies such as General Electric and Disney offer gym memberships to their employees while Google and Twitter offer in-house yoga and pilate classes. We at Yescomusa have put together a collection of workouts that are perfect for the office. 
Always Take The Stairs    
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Always take the stairs if you can. This is a great way to get your blood pumping and get the day started. If you work on the top of a multistory building, begin by as many stairs as possible. Start small and challenge yourself each day with a longer workout. Walking up and down the stairs can burn 0.17 calories for every step you take or a calorie for every half flight.                                                                                           
Walking Meeting           
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Forget about the regular lecture-like or school-like meetings and take your appointment to the park or woods! As your team leader, you can take them on an excursion around the block or building. Breathe in the fresh air and release the stress of the day by enjoying the sun and cool breeze. Keeping mobile while walking is not only healthy, but it will help your employees retain information. 
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Yescom 5x3.2 ft Oval Trampline Indoor Rebounder

Our 60 x 38-inch mini exercise fitness trampoline with a safety pad has enough room for most rebounding exercises, including push-ups, sit-ups, and stretches. The mini trampoline is safe for children and fits perfectly in the backyard, home gym, patio, or living room. Enjoy aerobic and cardio exercises at home.

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Wall Sitting
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Wall sits can be done almost anywhere. The exercise helps build muscles in your ankles and legs. When you wall sit, you boost your strength and endurance! Simply stand with your back on the wall and bend your knees to about a 90 degree right angle. Hold this position for 30 seconds or longer, adding more seconds each day. 
Planks and Side Planks
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When you build core strength, you build strength in your entire body. Planks and side planks are some of the most effective moves that you can do without equipment. These beginner strength-building routines tone your core, work your back muscles and your glutes. Rotate your plank and tone each side of your body for maximum effect!  
Cardio and Strength Exercises  
Cardio and strength exercises can be done almost anywhere, quickly and simply. You can get a great cardio exercise by jogging in place, jump rope, push-ups, and lunges are all examples of aerobic and strengthening exercises that you can do in the office or around your desk. A quick five-minute spirit can really get the heart pumping and the blood circulating. 
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AW Indoor Cycling Workout Exercise Bike 

Brand new AW Black Colored Exercise Bike with LCD shows time, speed, distance, calorie, and pulse. It is excellent for a home gym, burning calories, toning your muscles, and improving your cardiovascular endurance.

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Toss A Ball 
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Throwing a ball around in a circle is a great way to start brainstorming sessions! The activity is not only a great way to get the blood circulating and sync minds. It is a great team-building exercise because the rocking rhythm helps the ideas flow in.    
Push-ups are the age-old exercise and the fit that keeps on giving. This essential exercise builds and tones muscles in the arms, back, chest, and stomach. You don’t need any equipment to build these muscles in your body, and there are many different types of exercises that you can do. Here are a few of our favorite types of push-ups. 
  1. Military Push-Up 
  2. Wide Hand Push-Up 
  3. Triangle Push-Up
  4. Pike Push-Up 
  5. Super Push-Up 
  6. Staggered Hand Push-Up 
  7. Sphinx Push-Up 
  8. Spiderman Push-Up
  9. Cross-Body Push-Up
  10. Archer Push-Up
  11. Power and Clip Push-UP 
  12. Flying Push-Up
  13. One-Arm Push-Up 
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