Winter Home: Essential Safety and Décor Tips For Surviving 2020

Winter Home: Essential Safety and Décor Tips For Surviving 2020 0

Depending on where you live, you’re more likely to experience weather change throughout the seasons. For most of us, the winter, in particular, exposes us to some of the harshest weather conditions. Icy weather will affect your health and can even damage your property. This winter 2020, it is more important to focus on our well being more than ever.
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Yescomusa- Creative Uses For The Newest Gifts in Technology and Electronics

Yescomusa- Creative Uses For The Newest Gifts in Technology and Electronics 0

Unique Uses For Modern Technology
Nowadays technology moves so quickly it is easy to get lost in the waves of new gadgets, electronics, and inventions. While some machines are built for specific purposes, it is later discovered that they have incredible hidden uses as well. In this article, we will be discussing alternate uses for some of your favorite modern gadgets. 
Remote Pet Training
We all love our little furry best friends but let’s be honest, sometimes they can use a little extra help in the training department. If your pet needs some extra tutoring, then an automatic pet feeder of the perfect gift for you and your buddy! Our automatic pet feeder not only features a camera so you can view your pet when you’re away from your home, but you can record a voice command and reward your pet with a remote feeding. Remind your pet how to sit, lay down, and other simple commands with this useful machine. 
Use Strip lights to Creatively
Our voice-activated, smart strip-lights are equipped with 16 million colors to customize and 65 present lighting effects. Connect your smart lights to your smartphone, Google Home, Alexa, and Apple Homekit for simple operation and accessibility. Add a touch of class to any room with this powerful addition. 
Bathroom. Line your bathroom mirror with our smart light strips to create a romantic presentation. 
Kitchen. Attach your smart lights to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets for a futuristic look and soothing atmosphere. 
Living Room. LED light strips can be strung up onto the ceiling molding of your living room to add a softer tint to the room. 
Bedroom. Place these smart lights underneath your bed for a modern glow that will make it way easier to get up at night. 
Entertainment Center. Highlight your favorite books, DVD’s, or game consoles with these string lights. Create a dramatic effect when you weave these flexible string lights through your shelves, drawers, and cupboards. Turn any mediocre entertainment center into a home theatre!
Animated Artwork. Create the perfect scene at your party by adding moving art to your home. Simply download art loop off Youtube or project your own work to display a custom gallery that compliments your home. 
HD Projectors
Most people use HD projectors to watch their favorite television shows and movies. However, there are many other ways to use your HD projector! Check out these creative uses for your HD projector. 
Play SmartPhone Games on the Big Screen. Playing games on your cell phone is fun and addicting! Imagine the enjoyment you’ll get out of playing your favorite games on the big screen! 
Family Karaoke. Make sure everyone knows the words to your favorite song when you place the wall for everyone to see! 
Seasonal Decoration. Hanging up decorations can be fun, but taking them down can be a pain. Avoid all the hard work by creating a festive, 3D window display!
Bedtime Story Telling. Make storytime even better! Use our portable mini-HD projector to introduce your children to reading and them excited about learning.  
Celebrate the Holidays with Yescomusa
Christmas 2020 is going to be different from any other than we have ever experienced. Due to the current world-wide emergency, many of us are being asked to stay at home rather than visit our families this year. That is why gift-giving is more important than it has ever been. Here are a list of tips on staying safe his holiday:
  1. Celebrate only with the people in your home 
  2. Visit neighbors and extended family virtually or through Zoom 
  3. Deliver portioned Christmas dinners to friends rather than having them in your home 
  4. Do all of your shopping online 
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Yescomusa: Top Tech Gifts and Electronic Gadgets For Daily Life

Yescomusa: Top Tech Gifts and Electronic Gadgets For Daily Life 0

2020 is the year of technology! Nowadays, having the most up to date gadgets is vital to living a normal life. Whether you’re working from home, rushing to your next zoom meeting, or upgrading your entertainment center, you’d be surprised as to how important technology is to your everyday life. 
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Yescomusa: Our 50% Off Christmas Sale Continues

Yescomusa: Our 50% Off Christmas Sale Continues 0

There’s Still a Chance to Save

Our 12 days of Christmas started on December 1st and will continue to the 12th! All November, you’ve voted on your favorite items and the results are in! Now is the time to save 50% on deep fryers electric bikes and more! Hurry, before the sale is over. Here are a few items that are still on the list! 

Dec. 9 LifeSmart LED Light Strip Kit w/ Controller 6.6ft 120-LEDs

Add a splash of pizzazz to any room with this LED light strip! These voice-activated lights can be easily attached beneath cabinets, behind mirrors, around entertainment centers, and more. Customize your lights with over 16 million color options and simple app control via your smartphone. 

Dec. 10 LifeSmart Modular Touch Light Panels Wall Light White 10PC

Upgrade your entertainment center with these touch-activated, magnetic wall-mount hexagonal lights. These lights are easily customizable so you can shape your lighting fixture as you please. Switch up your design per season or mood to create the relaxing atmosphere you desire.

Dec. 11 AW Rolling Studio Makeup Cosmetic Case w/ Light Mirror

Are you or the person you love totally into makeup? Or are you in the entertainment business and need to look your best? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then this is the perfect gift for you! This rolling studio features a large mirror with six dimmable lights so that you can perfect every detail of your makeup.  

Dec. 12 Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa w/ Tub Pedicure Health Relax



Many of us stuck at home so why not bring the spa to you! With this ionic detox foot bath spa you can get all the benefits of a spa in your very own home. Eliminate soreness, foot pain, and other ailments with this portable, CE certified bath spa!

Celebrate the Holidays with Yescomusa 

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