Luxurious Mother’s Day Gifts 

If 2020 has taught us anything it is the strength we have as a nation. Our mothers, in particular, have taken a heavy chunk of the burden by juggling WFH life, virtual home schooling, cabin fever, along with every other challenge this year had to throw at us. We’ve seen our mothers succeed as front line workers and still be strong enough to stand as the rock of the family. 


This year, a macaroni necklace simply won’t do. On Mother’s Day our mothers deserve something special- something luxurious! After all of her years of hard work, now is the time to give her the much needed break with a day of pampering. 


As always Yescomusa is here for you with our annual Mother’s Day Sale! To show your appreciation we’re offering 10% off our luxury Mother’s Day collection! 

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Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Ionic detox footbaths are used to strengthen your body’s natural detoxification abilities. The machine uses negative and positive ions to charge the water and draw out toxins through the feet. Such toxins include harmful heavy metals, tobacco, and other impurities. This results in a stronger immune system, better sleep, stress reduction, and even healthier looking skin. 


Typically a 30-minute session in a spa costs $25 and you may need a few to see the results! 


This year, bring the spa home with you!

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa


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  • 30 minutes preprogrammed setting, you just need to press the on/off button on control panel
  • 6 indicator lights for showing different treatment time
  • High quality arrays with 10 stainless steel coils - more durable and effective
  • The array can be used for 50-60 times
  • Enjoy the foot spa at the comfort of your own home
  • Helps you get rid of fatigue, refresh your body and restore your energy
  • CE certificated, UL listed power cord

Foot Massager with Heat Air Compression  

Our foot and leg massager is the perfect kneading machine to work the muscles at the end of a long day. Yescomusa massage machines are inspired by shiatsu massage which specializes in deeply penetrating the muscles and melting away minor aches and pains. The heated machine features rotating, customizable settings so that you can get the deep tissue massage you need.

Foot Massager with Handle


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  • 3 in 1 Massage Customizable Foot Massager: Air Pressure, Shiatsu and Rolling mode, combine with vibration and heating to customize a professional massage experience
  • Heating Function: Enhance the stimulation of blood circulation, warm up your feet and speed muscle recovery
  • 360° Rotating Arm: for all directions to massage tired feet, ankles, legs, arms
  • LCD Panel & Remote Control: Use the panel or remote to adjust time/strength/modes/heating/vibration
  • Quality & Safety: UL Certificated, ABS material

Bamboo Bathtub Tray     


After a long day, there is nothing like a long soak in a bathtub. Take bathtime to the next level with our bamboo bathtub tray! Our platform has specific built in slots made for your tablet, cellphone, snacks, beverage, and other toiletries. Enjoy a nice long bath with a long movie or a good book with our bamboo bathtub tray!

Aquaterior Bamboo Bathtub Bathroom Tray


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  • Extendable arms for easy length adjustment - fits most sized bathtubs
  • 3 tablet/book slots with metal rack, easy to adjust your reading angle
  • 2 removable side trays for holding towels or bath supplies
  • High Quality a wine glass holder, cup slot, phone slot & a soup holder
  • Made of eco-friendly bamboo with waterproof lacquer - prevents mildew damage

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