Rebounding Exercises

If you’ve used a trampoline as a child, you remember the rush of the cool air on your face and the thrill of floating several feet above the ground. Jumping on a trampoline is fun, a great way to get rid of excess energy, and can help you lose weight. Trampoline exercise is often referred to as “rebounding” and can burn as many calories as running a 10-minute mile. In this article, Yescomusa will explain the pros and cons of trampoline exercise. 
Burning Fat  
Rebounding not only burns more fat than running, but it increases your endurance as well. In fact, trampolines have been used by astronauts and athletes to regain bone and muscle mass after strenuous activity. Rebounding has been known to improve balance, blood circulation and increase strength faster than traditional cardio. Mini trampolines are inexpensive, can be stored away quickly, and used at home for weight loss. 
Pros of Trampoline Exercise
Now that we understand that rebounding can help you lose weight, we can discuss the plethora of benefits trampolines have to offer:
Increased Balance. Jumping on a trampoline can improve your balance. Rebounding helps you find your center of balance quickly and effectively. This is because every time you jump, you land in a different position which forces you to readjust your body, which improves your coordination. 
Increased Endurance. Some studies suggest that jumping on a trampoline will increase your endurance faster than running. Athletes have used trampolines to increase their VO2 max by 7.82% in just eight weeks. 
Low-Impact Exercise. Trampolines are great because they are low-impact. Jumping up and down is great exercise but can be tough on the joints. Trampolines, however, absorb the impact of jumping, making it easier on the body. 
Increased Strength. Jumping on a trampoline daily will increase your leg strength. Rebounding works your core, back, thighs, glutes, and hamstrings. Weights can be included to increase resistance and endurance. 
Fun Accessories. Trampolines are great exercise, and they are extremely fun! Add fencing for safety and a sprinkler to turn your trampoline into a water ride!
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Cons of Trampoline Exercise
Though there are many benefits to trampoline exercise, there are a few drawbacks as well. Listed below are a few things to consider before purchasing a trampoline. 
Risk of Injury. Unfortunately, even if you line your trampoline with secure netting, it is still possible to get injured, especially if multiple people are jumping at the same time. According to reports, there are over 100,000 trampoline injuries in the US each year. Ankles and wrist sprains are the most common injuries but can be easily avoided by taking simple safety precautions. 
Price. Trampolines vary in size and price. Generally speaking, the larger your trampoline, the more expensive it is to purchase. Before you buy your trampoline, examine the quality of the material used, research the company, and read the reviews to ensure a well-thought-out decision. 
Limited Strength Training. Though jumping on the trampoline improves your leg strength, it does not improve strength in your arms or upper body. Similarly, you need to include resistance training in order to increase your strength over time. 
Unfortunately, there are not many ways to increase resistance on your trampoline. Adding ankle weights is a great way to add resistance; however, it can also increase injury risk. Personal trainers suggest using smaller trampolines because they offer more resistance than larger models. 
 The Bottom Line
Rebounding is a fun workout that is easier on the body than running and cycling. Exercising on your trampoline will help you lose weight quickly, strengthen leg muscles, and tone the body. Though the benefits of trampoline exercise can plateau, there are some options to add intensity to the workout. These methods, however, are not always recommended but can be beneficial if used safely.  
Overall, trampoline exercise is a fun way to lose weight and tone the body. The effects are more manageable than traditional forms of exercise and the results can be reached quickly. 
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