Commercial Business Exterior Design 

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The entrance of your business is your customer’s first impression of you. Put effort into your entrance and welcome your guests to your business the right way. Keep a neat space, but take the extra step and ensure that your customers have a great experience by greeting them the best way possible. Yescomusa knows exterior design and how to welcome customers into your business, from sliding doors to Feng Shui entrances. 
Use Lighting to Attract Business
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Your business will not be successful if it is not visible. Lighting is the most effective way to attract wandering eyes and convert them into customers. Though you always want to keep your business fully lit, several places require necessary lighting. Here are some suggestions that will help bring your business more customers:
  • Use Gold and Silver lights to highlight your luxury or high-quality products
  • Place two lights onto your business sign 
  • Place two lights around your entrance 
  • Use landscape lighting around pathways and sidewalks
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Solar Landscape Light White Outdoor Path

These Stainless Solar Landscape Lights could decorate your garden or driveway with Bright White LED light perfectly! They are also energy-efficient and low-maintenance for you to use. During the day time, the solar panel convert sunlight and recharge the battery. As the sunlight becomes dim, the lamp will brighten up automatically after turned on the switch. The charming and top-quality solar lights are the great choice for you to highlight your beautiful garden, driveway, flowerbeds or patios.

Landscape Entrances 
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Business entrances need to be inviting and welcoming. We suggest air purifying, lush, and beautiful plants. Commercial planters, including fabric pot containers, allow you to grow sensitive flowers and plants quickly. Growing your plants in containers gives you the freedom to rearrange plants based on the season, the direction of the sun, and creative interests. Frame your entrance with identical plants and flowers on each side of the door. If the entrance of your space is limited, consider using hanging fabric flower pots and planters.
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3 7 Gallon Potato Grow Bags Fabric Pots w/ Handles

This Pack of 2 10 Gallon Potato Grow Bags Fabric Pots, which perfect for your balcony, garden or yard. Whether they are small/large or indoor/outdoor plants, these fabric pots are great at growing plants that allow your roots to breathe, resulting in faster growth and greater plant vigor. Sided window opens to make it easier for you to get potato, carrot, peanut, taro and so on.

Reception Areas  desk, wholesale usa
Customer service is one of the most essential factors to customer satisfaction and your business’s success. Your reception area should be inviting and cheerful, energized with decorative artwork that’ll draw positive energy.
  • Flooring needs to be clean, polished, and free of marks and damage
  • Furniture must remain clean and blemish-free
  • Carpeting and rugs must be clean  
  • Use live plants to decorate your reception area. We suggest fragrant herbs or fresh flowers.
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Wall Mount Planter Vertical Grow Bag

Buy this Wall Mount Planter Grow Bag with 64 Pockets. You can effectively save your indoor or outdoor garden space, suitable for growing various flowers, herbs, and garden plants. Even better, it's 64. Deep enough pockets can store more soil, which is more conducive to plant growth. Durable materials and deep enough pockets ensure that it can also be an excellent storage bag. Fantastic way to brighten your indoor or outdoor walls and fences.Turn any unused or ugly area into a vibrant and lush garden.

Energizing Water Fountains
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Water fountains inspire peace, serenity, positive workflow, and success. Water fountains are easy to make. Build your own water fountain or purchase one at a discount. The sound of water fountains promotes stress-relieving energy and neutralizes anxiety. Water fountains create great energy in gardens and patios as well as attracts a myriad of wildlife. 
 The Scents of Success
Aromatherapy is the perfect way to create a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere that will make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed enough to spend money! Use essential oils to infuse your business with scents that will attract positive energy and wealth. Some of these scents include lemongrass, peppermint, and rosemary. According to, these aromas attract wealth, reputation, and career success, respectively.  
Great Music
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Music is essential to crafting the perfect atmosphere. Depending on your business, your want to have background music that effectively conveys the message of your business. Restaurants, for example, may choose upbeat, lively music to attract customers to their entrances, while spas and yoga studios may choose toning bowls, bells, or another calmer, more relaxing music. Choose carefully when you decide what type of music you want to play for your business, as it is the beginning of setting the perfect tone.
Promote Safety
Nowadays, safety and health are paramount. Ensure the security of your employees and guests when you take physical distancing measures and hygiene seriously. Listed below are a few ways to keep everyone in your business safe.
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8-Gal Foot Pump Hand Washing Station with Wheels Handle

This 8 Gallons Hand Washing Station offers you a lightweight & handy design, allowing you to bring it anywhere needed, great for a picnic, camping, RV travel, or other outdoor events. Help you easily accessible outdoors Wash your hands or food & even drink.

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Ez Pop up Canopy Tent

Protect yourself from the rain, sunlight, and wind with our sturdy and reliable canopy tent. 

The tent can be easily assembled and taken down, making it perfect for outdoor events such as weddings, parties, craft shows, and sporting events.

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Yescom Trade Show Display Podium Table Counter Stand Black

This Black Trade Show Display Podium Table Counter Stand 37" tall is perfect for offering free samples, promotional literature, an interactive workstation, and more! The event furniture is a valuable piece for businesses that often travel to trade shows, on-site appearances, conventions, or large business meetings. The expo counter that can be used to hold promotional materials, also known as a portable stand, can be used to conduct a product demonstration. This unit is easy to set up and break down, making it perfect for traveling businesspersons.

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