Take some time and plan a nice hike at a local trail. Need help finding a trail ? Look no further use https://www.alltrails.com/  simply search the area that you want to hike or walk at and it will provide you with quality instructions and reviews on your next outdoor excavation. It's always a good idea to bring a companion with you on these hikes. You may never know the circumstance whether it be a wild animal or twisted ankle. You both can take care of each other. If you are an adventurer and prefer to go alone make sure you inform someone close to you which hike you're going to be on and for how long. Have your phone fully charged even though the signal may be difficult to reach at certain heights.


Once you find your desired camping location bring a topographical map in order to figure out what your trail ahead looks like. If you’re going to an established trail or national park they usually provide you with maps in the beginning of the trail. You will need to remember any landmarks or rivers to help guide you through your journey. Next, a compass will be your best friend out in the wilderness. It will guide you on unpaved trails or if you're trying to reach a specific landmark that has no direct pathway. In the outdoors sometimes the row of trees and fauna can be disorienting and may lead you to get lost but with the power of magnetic fields in your hand you will always be pointed true north.


Make sure you come prepared with enough water to keep you hydrated for a day full of hiking or camping. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces so if you’re 200lbs then you should drink 100 oz of water. Staying well hydrated is important outdoors because it will help you perform grueling tasks such as climbing, cutting, or hunting. If possible bring at least a 64 oz container of water or more depending on your trip requirements because finding drinkable water is very difficult without some outdoor skills and equipment. You'll need some trustworthy carrying capacity for your outdoor adventures so why not bring this waterproof backpack to keep all your goods safe.

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Keeping your body hydrated is just as important as making sure you have the energy to endure the wilderness. If you’re going on a shorter hiking trip then maybe small lighter snacks such as fruits and granola bars should suffice for the journey. If you’re going on a full on camping trip then canned food is a perfect choice; it's non-perishable and easy to bring. Pair it with a pot to cook food in and that is the bare necessities to keep you fed and hydrated.


On your camping trip the sun will set and make it difficult to traverse the land if you can’t see in the pitch black darkness of woods or desert. Therefore, you're going to need to build shelter by using any means necessary so bringing a knife will be your best friend. With a knife you'll be able to open food, hunt, protect yourself, and make shelter by cutting trees making it the ultimate tool in the wild. 

If you want an example how to be prepared in the wild check out TrailDadChad who lives up to his name using a Yescom Folding Camping Cot Travel Sleeping Bed to aid him in his camp

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Yescom Folding Camping Cot Travel Sleeping Bed

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Throughout your expedition you will most likely face several challenges as mother nature provides no mercy to those who adventure it. You may face extreme weather conditions hence why having shelter is important to protect you from any heatwave or rainstorm. If in your travel you must either cross a deep river or go downstream here at Yescom we have a solution for you with an inflatable paddle board that is compact allowing you to travel and not slow you down. 

Yescom Paddle Board Inflatable Sup Board for Beginners 10 ft 

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