Workouts You Can Do in Little Spaces

During this time of self-isolation, many people are missing out on the gym. Working out is an important time in most people’s lives as it keeps them in shape, reduces stress, and improves your overall mood. However, many people are asked to stay home and therefore, skipping out on the gym. Don’t worry, Yescom is here for you with the top workouts you can do with a limited amount of space.  
Dance Pole
Unless you’ve used one before, you may not understand what a great workout a dance pole can be. Pole dancing has become more popular over the years because quick results can be attained in a fun way and playful way. By easily installing a dance pole in your home, you can get a full-body workout in a matter of minutes.     
Foldable Treadmill 
Some people decide to get their exercise through running and walking, however, nowadays even that is looked down upon. If you are still feeling the need to run, an electric treadmill is a great way to satisfy that need. A foldable treadmill will not only help you save space but get in that quick work out. 
Pedal Exercise Machine 
Most of us are not getting our steps in. For a quick leg workout, a pedal exercise machine works perfectly! The portable device allows you to conveniently workout almost anywhere in your home.
Yoga Mat 
A yoga mat is essential for a myriad of exercises and stretches. Quality yoga mats provide enough cushioning to protect sensitive parts of the body such as knees and elbows from hitting the floors during certain exercises. They also protect the ground from sweat and minimize the possibility of slipping.   
Yoga Half Ball
Yoga has been used to relax, increase flexibility, and work out. You need very little equipment for yoga beside a mat and quality half ball. A half ball will help you get in all of your deep stretching needs without the use of any heavy or bulky equipment. 
Basketball Hoop
Keep children and teens active indoors as well with this hanging basketball hoop! The contemporary design attaches neatly behind any door or can be easily placed on the wall of a bed or game room. Many families enjoy killing time while improving their aim while settling family bets and disputes through a game.
Stepper Exercise Machine 
If you’re stuck inside your house, you may not have much room to move around. A stepper exercise machine stimulates muscles in the legs and increases cardiovascular endurance.          
As more people are being asked to stay inside for extending periods of time their physical health may start to become a concern. Many people need to stay active for health reasons. If you are stuck in your home and worried about getting your daily amount of healthy exercise, check out Yescom’s collection of active home equipment.