45mm Removable Spinning Stripper Dance Pole Dancing Pole

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This dance pole is a spinning and static in one with the latest size - 1.77"(45 mm). It is thinner than the older style 2" pole, but wider than the brass permanent poles that you often see in clubs. This pole is fully removable, height adjustable and portable. It only takes minutes to put up and take down. You can take it to your pole dancing classes, to your friend's, or just practice or spice up your parties at home! Do not miss such a hot exercise - Pole Dancing. Come and build an amazing body with the benefits of general and exotic fitness.

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  • Spinning & Static type
  • 45mm (1.77") Pole & all metal constructed
  • No ceiling fixings required.
  • Finished in the ideal finish for pole - High grade electroplated chrome.
  • Extendable from 2235mm (7'4") to 2745mm (9') straight from the box.
  • Screw together tube high precision joints(almost seamless) for maximum strength, stability and smoothness.
  • Easy to use height adjuster with cover.
  • Articulating base, easy to set up on uneven floors.
  • Double width pole support dome, spreads the load/pressure evenly on the ceiling.
  • Angular stability lock, helps stabilization your Pole.
  • Optional extensions 125mm(4.9") and 250mm(9.8") (Included in this package).
  • Max. load weight: 440 lbs.
  • Well packed in compact and individual protected tubes package.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Main Pole A(Connect to the base)
  • 1x Main Pole B(Connect to the Dome)
  • 1x Height Adjuster(with 2 flanges)
  • 1x 4.9" Extension
  • 1x 9.8" Extension
  • 1x Height Adjuster Cover
  • 1x Pole Support Dome
  • 1x Articulating Base
  • 1x Adapter for 45mm Pole
  • 1 set of Tools

Notice: The Height Adjuster with flanges has been installed into the main pole before shipped.

Warnings: This pole should be fixed on a solid but not imitated and suspended ceiling! Thank you.


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