Detox and Unwind Before the Holiday Rush With Yescom

The holiday season is finally here! That means gift shopping, party planning, and finding the perfect memorable decorations to create a memorable holiday season. Along with all those responsibilities comes the stress of preparation.

Why not give yourself a little gift ahead of time in order to help you unwind and focus on your priorities this season? If you are stressed out and running all over the place it will be a lot harder to gift shop and party plan.

Being stressed out will limit your ability to be patient whereas in the holiday season patience is key in finding the perfect gift for loved ones. Here are a few ways to either help you destress or provide the token of relaxation as a gift this holiday season.

Yescom Portable Steam Sauna Tent Spa Detox w/ Chair & Remote Image

Yescom Portable Steam Sauna Tent Spa Detox w/ Chair & Remote

$ 89.79 $ 139.99
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Never been to a sauna before? Well, now you can bring one right into your own home. This portable sauna comes equipped with a steam pot capable of reaching temperatures up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit, providing some intense height to your muscle groups. Consistent heat to your muscles can help them repair if they are sore providing speedy recovery for those who enjoy lifting weights. The sauna also comes ready with a timer so you won't have to fidget in and out of the cover to restart the timer, rather it can be timed preemptively. The immediate heat to the skin will cause you to sweat as a result the pores will open up and remove any dirt lodged in. This will help make your skin look a lotyounger-looking cleaner and reduce the chances of breaking out. Furthermore, the heat will promote more circulation to the skin resulting in a tighter and younger looking you.

Yescom Foot Massager with Handle Heat Air Compression Shiatsu Image

Yescom Foot Massager with Handle Heat Air Compression Shiatsu

$ 119.79 $ 249.99
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Picture this. You just spent the whole day walking around the mall shopping for gifts for the entire family. You waited in long lines. Walked back in forth to department stores trying to find the right gift for the right price. Soon you feel this imense throbbing in your feet from all the stress of walking around. Every walking step begins to feel like a painful stab every time your foot meets the ground. There areyou no benches or chairs around since the mall is packed with fellow holiday shoppers perpetuating the fear that your feet may not get some rest. When you get home you're ready to release the captivity of the feet from the warden of the shoes. Place them in this foot massager that comes with heating and rolling compression. Capable of releasing every last knot trapped in the soles of your feet.

Yescom 46L Double Room Electric Towel Warmer Image

Yescom 46L Double Room Electric Towel Warmer

$ 179.79 $ 194.99
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You don't you'll need a private plane ride to get a nice warm towel. All you need is an outlet and you'll be on your way to luxury.

Quick Tip: Soak the towels in EucalyptusEucalyptus Oil and let them warm for the next time you use them. The warmtheEuculyptus on your skin will open your pores and instantly relax the muscles in your face.

We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way.

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