DELight® Holiday Decor Lighting Flex LED Neon Rope Light Blue 150ft

$ 169.99
SKU: YES3464

We are offering 110 Volt 150Ft Blue Illuminated Flexible Led Neon Tube Rope Lights ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use in a wide variety of creative applications. Unique construction, 2-wires design, these flexible lights are able to directly replace traditional glass neon with better performance, low consumption, easier maintenance and can withstand extreme temperatures. Ideal for lighting solution, any architectural, decorative and indicator application, walkways, landscaping, store fronts, furniture, creating signs, borders or vehicles and watercraft lighting. All of our rope lights are guaranteed to be the highest quality.

You can upgrade the rope lights for different lengths or several colors with Extra Three 5Ft power cord and Six splice connector sets. Each power cord features 150Ft maximum run.

Waterproof improvement! A piece of Free Waterproof Silicone Glue protects the cutters from water.


  • Brand: DELight®
  • LED Color: Blue
  • Oyster White PVC Tubing for Cool to Touch and Soft Light
  • Cuttable Every 1-5/8 Feet(1/2 m) at Marked Intervals
  • Extremely Bright and Unbreakable
  • Easily to Bend into Any Shape and Capable of Vibration
  • Saving Up to 90% of Energy Costs Over Glass Neon
  • Energy Efficiency of Only 4.8 Watts Per Meter
  • Free 6 PVC Splice Connectors for Protecting the Cuts
  • FreeSilicone Glue can stick to the power connectors or the end caps and make the cutters waterproof.
  • Free 16 Splice Connectors for Repair Rope Light or Splice Different Colors
  • High Flexibility, Temperature Sustainability, and UV Resistance
  • UL Listed and CE Certifications


Length 150Ft
LED Bulbs qty 3600
Power Cord Length 9 Ft
Tube Dimension 13 x 26 mm
Bulb Diameter 5mm
Bulb Spacing 1/2"
Bulb Orientation Horizontal
Beam Angle 160 Degrees
Rated Lifespan 30000 hours
Wavelength 459-462 nm
Total Flux 800-1000 mcd
Working Temperature -30~50 Degrees
Maximum Run 150Ft
Voltage 110V
Power Consumption 219W
Spare Power Cord length 5Ft (1.5m)/each

Package Includes:

  • 1x 150Ft Neon Rope Light
  • 3x Spare Power Cords with Connectors
  • 6x PVC Splice Connectors
  • 16x Splice Connectors
  • 6x End Caps
  • 1x Waterproof Silicone Glue as gift

*Please kindly note that the joints cannot be exposed due to the power cords and power connectors are non-waterproof.But use our free waterproof glue, you can make the power connectors waterproof!