DELight Neon Rope Lights Power Cord & Splice Connector 5 ft

$ 19.99
SKU: YES3460

Do you get enough LED Neon accessories? We are offering a set of DELight Neon rope light accessories to meet some projects require extra. Whether you need additional Neon rope light power cords, splice connectors with pins and end caps, this line of accessories may help you get the job done right. Customize your Neon applications, easy to create the length and color you need. Different color decorative lights are available in our store.


  • Brand: DELight
  • UL approved
  • 5Ft long power cord
  • PVC splice connector, 13mm standard size
  • Each power cord features 150Ft maximum run.
  • Easy operation, durability and flexibility

Package Includes:

  • 5x Power Cords
  • 5x Splice Connecters
  • 10x Pins
  • 5x End Caps