DIY Fun Backyard Ideas and Themes

DIY Fun Backyard Ideas and Themes 0

Backyard Ideas You Can Do Yourself 

Your backyard is your creation, make it your masterpiece. Regardless of the amount of space you have, you can make your outdoor living area somewhere you want to stay. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to upgrade your backyard, you just have to have an imagination. Check out our list of do-it-yourself backyard design ideas that will blow your mind. 

Pick a Theme 

To give your backyard a professionally upgraded look, make sure that all of your decorations match. Each item should seamlessly flow together so that they tell a story. Whether you’re matching colors or choosing a specific time period or style, be sure to stay consistent with your picks to give your yard a polished look.  

Build a Patio Planter 

There is always room for more plants, even if you don’t have any ground to plant in. Building a potted garden is a great way to bring flowers and vegetables into your yard. Be inventive, almost anything can be made into a pot. Consider lining your pots and planters with artificial grass to prevent weeds from invading and killing your garden.

Give Yourself Some Privacy

Some people do not use their yards because they simply do not feel comfortable. If privacy is an issue, consider using artificial boxwood hedge fencing. The synthetic foliage allows you to enjoy your backyard in privacy while keeping the area looking natural. If green is not in your color collection, consider using a mesh netting. The durable material will not only give you privacy but block the wind and the sun as well. 

Create a Stone Path 

A simple stone walkway in an elegant addition to any front or backyard. They can be easily made by placing landscape covering on the ground to block the growth of weeds, then covering it with mulch or wood chips. You can choose to use smaller round stones or larger flat stones to get your desired effect. 

Be sure to keep your pathways lit and safe by using a solar-powered pathway light. These tiny lamps can be creatively placed around the side of your rock garden or stone path to keep you from taking a wrong step. 

Build a Small Fountain

A small fountain is not only relaxing to look at and listen to but it can also be a great way to attract birds to your yard. Depending on how you build your fountain, you may be able to add fish or live plants. Bamboo plants are hardy and look great in fountains. If your fountain is deeper you can also consider adding lily pads. 

Regardless of how much space you have, you can make your garden great if you can be creative. Yescom presents our summer backyard collection. Here you will find all you need to make your outdoor experience an unforgettable one.  

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How to Plan the Perfect Pool Party at Night

How to Plan the Perfect Pool Party at Night 0

Nighttime Pool Party Ideas

Everyone knows that summertime is party time and if you have a pool, then your home is the place to be! Having a pool party at night is a romantic and creative way for adults to celebrate. Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect nighttime pool party that will have your guests talking all summer. 

Pick a Theme 

The theme and style of your party are vital to its success. Your decorations and party supplies should create a welcoming atmosphere that will dazzle your guests. Consistency is key; all of your decorations should match and flow together seamlessly. 

Set the Mood

To set the mood properly, you want to have just the right amount of lighting. Low, dim lights will create a romantic ambiance that will make your guests feel relaxed. By using low lighting you give your pool party an amorous effect. Try creative lightings like Yescom’s Solar LED Wing Chime Hummingbird light or our LED light-up umbrella!

Have Great Snacks 

Every party needs great snacks. To keep your party guests happy you must fill their bellies with something other than alcohol. From funnel cake to fried chicken, most popular party foods can be made in a quality deep fryer. Keep your food covered to avoid attracting bugs and other wildlife. 

Go the Extra Mile 

Impress your guests by going the extra mile. The key is in the details. Offer your guests unique experiences and comforts. Our portable clothes dryer is the perfect addition to any pool party- especially if guests come unprepared or get unexpectedly pushed in the pool.   

Another creature comfort you could use is the solar-heated pool shower. Your guest will love the heated water in the cooler night temperatures. When you pay attention to the details your guests will appreciate it. 

Creative Pool Floats

What’s a pool party without the floats? Choose floats that match the theme of your party. Get floats that hold drinks or take a simpler route and float candles. 

This summer may be unlike any other. Upgrade your backyard and create great family memories. Check out our summer backyard collection at Yescom! Shop now for high-quality outdoor accessories and save 10% off orders over $200 with coupon code YESSH10!  


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How to Make the Best Out of a Small Backyard

How to Make the Best Out of a Small Backyard 0

Very Small Backyard Ideas 

Spending time in your backyard, even if it’s a small one, is a great way to commune with nature, relax during the summer, and get much needed fresh air if you are stuck in the house. However, depending on the city you live in your space could be limited. We at Yescom want you to enjoy your home this summer and utilize every inch of space you have. Here are some tips on how to make the best out of your small yard. 

Minimize The Upkeep     

If you have a smaller yard, you may not want to deal with mowing the grass or dragging mud into your home. Though some have chosen to use stones or concrete, small weeds always seem to find a way to dig through. Instead of natural grass, consider using artificial or synthetic grass to cover your yard and maintain a neat and manicured look. 

Synthetic grass can also be used to build private spaces and create fashionable boundaries. 

Build Vertically 

If you don’t have much foot room in your backyard remember that you can always build vertically. Use the fences or walls around you to hang planters, bird feeders, or wind chimes. Try stacking furniture atop one another. Make sure that you have an outside space for storage for all of your garden and outside equipment and tools. 

Get Space Saving Furniture

Using items that have more than one purpose can save you tons of space- especially if they are portable and can be easily stored. A great example is our double camping chair that features an umbrella for shading and a zip-line cooler bag to keep your beverages cold. Outside furniture like this is perfect for when a friend stops by unexpectedly or for couples who just want to enjoy their space.

Light Up the Space  

A lot of bright light can make a space look larger than it is. This optical illusion will give the appearance of vastness, even if the area is smaller. Create a focal point in the area then highlight it, this will draw attention to the beauty of the space, making it easy to forget the size.

Solar Landscape Lights are customizable and can give off the right amount of brightness.  

Potted Gardens

An issue for many people with small backyards is finding space to put a garden. Use large pots to plant a myriad of different plant types and flowers instead of using individual planters. This will give you a variety of colors and allows you to be creative with your choices and pairings. 

Modern Small Backyard Ideas

If you have a small backyard, you may not know how to make a small garden or get the full value of your landscape. Yescom is here to help you with our modern small backyard ideas! Save 10% off our outdoor collection when you use coupon code: YESSH10. 

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Dating and Newlyweds: How to Maintain Your Relationship While Staying at Home

Dating and Newlyweds: How to Maintain Your Relationship While Staying at Home 0

Tips on Staying Home with Your Spouse 

Many states have enforced a stay-at-home mandate which prevents many of us from leaving our homes. This is giving a lot of people more time to spend with their loved ones. While this should be a good thing, many couples are dealing with the stress of a worldwide emergency and the anxiety of staying cooped up at home. During this time we at Yescom what to offer you some suggestions on how to survive at home and save your relationship. 

Get Some Alone Time

In the next few weeks, you might be spending more time with your partner than you expected. It is only natural that you may lose patience or get annoyed with your significant other- especially if you live in smaller dwellings. Be sure to save at least an hour a day for yourself for self-reflection and personal space. Whether it is early in the morning or in the middle of the day, it is vital for your mental state to get that time alone so you can read, take a nap, or just breathe. 

Plan Physical Activities Together

Being stuck in the house all day can certainly trigger someone’s anxiety or depression. For many of us, life has changed abruptly and completely. However, it is important to remember that these times are only temporary and that we will get through them together. 

While you’re stuck at home, plan activities together. An underestimated but great bonding experience is working out with your partner. There are many workout routines that can be watched on Youtube as well as several exercises that can be done in small spaces.     

Yoga can be done by anyone, regardless of age or body type. Useful tools such as the Yescom Yoga Ball to help you and your partner get the maximum benefit of your workout from home.  


Divide Housework  

While you’re both spending more time at home the housework may pile up faster than usual. If one person is used to doing more cleaning than the other, then this can be the start of some unsettling stress and an unnecessary argument. Figure out a system that works for both of you, whether that means switching chores daily or just doing what each one is good at. Be sure to keep chores routine in order to give your home a professional clean feeling

Get into the cracks of your home by using a high powered pressure cleaner. 

Set Boundaries 

Though you may love spending time with your significant other, they may become a welcomed distraction if you are working from home. Create healthy boundaries and time periods where you only focus on work. By turning a small space into a work station you can create a healthy boundary where you can work from home without distraction. Use a 2 monitor work station for small productive workspaces. Let your partner know that when you are in this space, you are actively working. 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


During this time we are stuck at home, it is important to do some self-reflection. Feelings can sometimes get out of control and as humans, tempers can also be unpredictable. So it is very important to practice patience. Give your partner opportunities to be imperfect and allow yourself the same freedom. Practice some of the tips you’ve learned in this article. To help you transition Yescom is offering 10% off orders that are $200 or more!  
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