1. Go camping
Camping outdoor is a must-do activity each year since it is a group activity of binding each other together while you could also enjoy the outdoor scene and fun. This could be an annual thing that you plan as there are different places to visit and camp.
2. Schedule pool swimming with your friends or family
Swimming is a relief for hot season. Relaxing in the pool on a floating lounge chair enjoying cold lemonade is the ultimate experience. Also, think of sipping an umbrella drink and take a nap by the pool, cool~
Pool Swimming
3. Plan a beach stay for one night or two
There is nothing more relaxing than laying on the beach, chatting and gazing at clouds or hearing crashing waves and breathing salty air. You could plan a long weekend if you have extra time. It should be the highlight of a summertime.
Beach Stay
4. Take some courses like boating, swimming, or Kayak
Summer is also a good time for taking some good courses, especially for some sporting or team playing courses. El Capitan Canyon with friends sound like a perfect show time for the outcome of the course, right?
5. See an outdoor movie
A small preparation of an outdoor projection screen and a mini projector plus a picnic mat builds a good atmosphere of summer get-togethers.
Outdoor Movie
6. Host a watermelon seed spitting contest
Watermelon means summertime. So, to get more laughters and fun, a seed spitting contest is worth a try.
Watermelon Spitting
7. Arrange a travel or a road trip
Summer scenery is quite special comparing to winter or spring. You may find every single scene in the sunshine is way of indulge yourself into beauty. Every sunny moment should be made use of the most.
8. Have a backyard barbeque party
A perfect summer Sunday could make up of a backyard barbeque, beers and summer fruit feast.
9. Float the river
There is no better way to cool off in the summer than floating the river!
Float the river
10. Ride or go for a long walk or jog on the trail
Sunny days are an invitation for outdoors, Explore the unfound scene.
Ride a bike
11. Go berry picking in a "pick-your-own" farm
Get the fresh summer harvest and enjoy an outing in a farm, and taste the fresh at hand.
Berry picking
12. Be a tourist in your own town
Sometimes we are blind to the charming sites around us where we grow up or live long. Treat yourself as a tourist and take a tour around, there might be something interesting and somewhere with refreshed attractiveness in a sunny day.
Be a tourist
Don't let the summer pass by with missed opportunities. Happy Summer Time!