Yescomusa: Super Green Lawn Care 101: Tips on Outdoor Parties

Yescomusa: Super Green Lawn Care 101: Tips on Outdoor Parties

Lawn Care Party Tips

If you’re like us, stay-at-home orders combined with the winter blues have made us itchier than ever before! Recently, heavy snowfall has turned our yards into icy swamps and cold mudholes, but there is no need to fear as sunnier days are close by! So how do you satisfy your need to party? Well, Yescomusa is here for you again with a solution to your outdoor party needs and lawn care! 


Partying During the Pandemic

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It is never advised to break the law or go against your state’s recommendations. During this time, many of us are encouraged to celebrate holidays and party only with the ones within our homes. If your state allows you to have small gatherings there are certain protocols you should follow while doing so:

Gather outside. Avoid meeting up or gathering indoors or in small spaces 

Wear a mask. Whenever it is possible be sure to wear at least one mask or a mask AND a face shield to protect yourself and others. Yes, even while taking pictures. 

Frequently Wash Your Hands. Keep your hands clean using a recommended cleanser or gel 

Physical Distance. Even if you are in close quarters with someone it is important to keep your hands to yourself. The closer you are to each other, the easier it is to transport the illness. 

How can I keep my lawn healthy after a lawn party?

A lawn with dead spots is a complete eyesore. To keep your yard healthy after a party, the key is prevention! We’ll teach you exactly how to keep your lawn looking fresh with these easy prevention tips.

General Upkeep. Be sure to fertilize, weed, and mow your lawn days before anyone arrives. This will help it prepare itself for a good trampling.

Heavy Watering. Water your lawn at least once a week and fertilize it every 8-10 weeks to keep your soil moist but not too wet. Proper watering promotes root growth which extends the life of your lawn and helps it survive extended dry periods without brown or yellow spots. 

Aeration. You should aerate your garden every three months, especially in areas where there is high traffic. 

Before Your Party. If you have at least 3 weeks to prepare before your party apply a layer of sandy soil to the top of your lawn. If you only have a few days left before your party then simply roll a few tuffs of sand on uneven areas.

Thick and Full Grass Care Tips 

After the party is over be sure to spend some time on your lawn. Aerate your lawn, especially high traffic areas. This will prevent compaction and help your grass to grow strong and brightly!    

Use Artificial Grass 

If you’re worried about your lawn looking pristine 100% of the time then you should consider using artificial grass. Artificial grass makes a great coverup if you are too busy for strenuous  yard work. False grass gives your yard a neat look and is easy to clean, especially if you have pets. 


Yescom Artificial Grass Turf Fake Carpet Mat Drainage Patio

Minimize lawn upkeep with outdoor artificial grass! Line your garden or replace dead spots in your lawn with a fake grass landscape. The artificial turf is easy to maintain, looks neat, and great with pets. Modernize your yard today with an artificial landscape! 


Grow Your Garden with Yescomusa

This year, we’re beginning our summer sale early. Starting now until March 31st, all Yescomusa rewards members will receive 15% off any 3 outdoor living pieces when you use the coupon code YESbird15! Get your backyard ready for the summer, today!   


We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way.
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