Halloween Party Minigame Ideas

This Halloween bring the fun to a party by introducing minigames for the guests to play. Our WinSpin drop disk game is the perfect way to introduce fate and fun all in one. At the bottom of the drop disk in the allocated color slots you can place sticky notes over the colors as rewards. There are a very few ways to play with the disk drop with a group of people. First, you can simply go clockwise and give everyone an oppurtunity to drop the disk themselves. Next, a prize wheel is a fun way to let fate choose what happens to your guests. Placing a name on every color and letting the guest spin to see what they'll win will be sure to cause some fun energy.

Adults: The rewards for the bottom colors can be different alcohols for shots to be taken. Spin the wheel, then whoevers name it lands on they will have to drop a disk to see what shot they have to take. This can be a very enganging way for guests to spin their way into alot of fun!

Kids: The colored notes at the bottom of the disk drop can named with different types of halloween costumes that they can try on. You can also place a name of a monster that they will have to renact such as:

1. Zombie

2. Ghoul

3. Werewolf

4. Vampire

5. Ghost

The reward can be a candy of their choice!

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Change up the atmosphere based on the minigame! If you're creating a spooky and intense atmosphere for your guests to experience these LifeSmart Cololights are for you. They are voice and smartphone-controlled allowing you to create an interactive experience. Let's say you're telling a spooky story. These lights can change to the color red by the command of your voice adding to the thrilling experience.

Need a specific light ? Don't worry. The Cololight Pro is capable of displaying 16 million colors of your choice.

The touch sensors make it a very engaging way to allow guests to have specific colors for their tables providing a personalized experience. The best feature of all is that there is a auto lighting feature. For example if someone walks past or opens the door the lighting can differentiate based upon the occasion.

We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way.

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