It's heating up this summertime, so let's help you match that energy


When the summer begins to unwind it doesn’t mean you have to 

After New Year’s Eve, many people create their resolution that they want to have a beach body ready for the summer and will work out as much as they can to reach their goals. Once the summer is over that workout mindset doesn’t have to leave once the heat does. Staying active throughout the year can prove to have significant benefits not only in your health but also daily routine.

Don’t Run away from your stress, run for it



 Working out every day will allow you to destress yourself from any anxiety or stress you have gathered throughout a day at the office. Sweating can be a cathartic feeling as the droplets of sweat represent the stress physically leaving your body. It will promote acknowledging mental health since you'll be able to “work out” the stress rather than letting it bottle inside over for the work week. Putting your body under physical tension daily can promote healthy chemicals from your brain known as endorphins which are released during pleasurable activities. The body will be more accustomed to daily life by lifting weights or running. The obstacles that would normally affect your daily routine will start to feel trivial. Receiving an annoying email will not feel the same as lifting 125 pounds ten times for four sets. Got some extra paperwork to do? No worries. You’ll be telling yourself  “It’s just a piece of paper, not 5 miles that I have to run.” Overall, your mental health will drastically improve as work would no longer feel like a dreaded adherence to your day rather it’s just the time slot before the gym.

If you’re having trouble sleeping at times, working out can be the solution you may not have thought about. After your workout your muscles will feel relaxed, your mind will be clear, and if you had a good exercise session the bed would look real nice after dinner.

 One important side note to consider is that staying hydrated is critically important in your daily activities, especially during the summer times when the heat is at its peak. Your muscles work like sponges, the more water they have to work with the higher the load they are capable of absorbing. This will increase time under tension forcing your muscle groups to push harder the next time they are under that amount of stress. 

No Weights No Problem 



Exercising the right muscle groups like your shoulders, back, chest, and lower back can immensely improve your posture. The best part of all you don’t need weights to work them out. Calisthenics and body weight exercises like yoga can achieve the results you’re looking for. Hunching over or slouching at the office chair is the main reason so many people have back pain and despise office work. The way to combat that stress is by actively moving those muscle groups regularly allowing them to build resistance, subduing that office chair posture. Having great posture can boost overall confidence as your head is up high, chest forward, and shoulders pulled back making you look like a sophisticated individual ready to take any challenge thrown at them. Those weekly meetings will feel effortless as you walk in there with the pump from yesterday's workout and the posture to show for it. 

Lifting weights can be hard a skill to master if you are just starting your exercise journey and running out for miles can be a dreaded task. Cycling is a perfect alternative since you can stay within the realms of your home and allows you to catch up on your favorite show or book while stationary. It’s a great exercise because it can be either a high-intensity workout by increasing the gears to mimic going uphill or if you want a more relaxed experience you can cycle on the standard gear. 





We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 

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