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How Light and Color Affect Moods and Emotions 

It is proven by science that lighting can affect your mood, psychological health, and well-being. 
Lighting can alter our sleep patterns, decrease depression, and even improve our physical health. This is why businesses worldwide spend thousands of dollars researching interior design that increases productivity and energy. Yescomusa is here to help you combine color therapy with your smart lights to create the perfect mood for every room in your home. 
Brightness, Saturation, and Hue 
When studying light, there are three basic categories to consider: brightness, saturation, and hue. Brightness refers to the level of light emitted from the source, measured in lumens or lux. According to certain studies, brighter lights intensify emotions while lower lights tend to keep emotions steady. While your feelings may be stable, you tend to make agreeable. 
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Saturation applies to the intensity of color. It is the scale of pure color to grey. Heavily intense hues amplify emotions, and muted colors dampen emotions. 
Hue is the shade of the color. Recent studies prove that natural light improves your mood and can make you happier, while darker or artificial light can negatively affect the mind and body. 
For example, blue and white lights give us energy but can interrupt sleep, as blue light can suppress melatonin. This is because brain cells are sensitive to blue wavelengths and not susceptible to red wavelengths. 
Red wavelengths have the least impact on our internal clocks. In fact, the red lights in the afternoon can improve your mental health due to the increase of melatonin. Increased melatonin can improve your sleep and overall mental wellbeing. 
The Effects of Color on Emotions
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Colors have been used in marketing for years to influence the emotions of others. From using colors that make you agreeable to hues that will make you hungry, there are many ways that colors can affect your mind and body. 
Color therapy or color psychology is the study and practice of using color to heal the mind and body. Many ancient cultures, including the Egyptian and Chinese, uses chromotherapy or light therapy to help their patients. 
Black. It has been used to represent power, strength, authority, slimming, elegance, formality, mystery, fear, and professionalism. 
Green. It is the color of life. Greenlight therapy revitalizes growth hormone production while strengthening bones and other muscle tissues. The green light symbolizes nature, growth, money, healthy, envy, fertitilitaly, tranquility, and harmony. 
Blue. The color blue has been used to lower high blood pressure and calm nerves. Blue jas been used to represent loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, confidence, sincerity, cleanliness, and tranquility. Blue is also used to treat pain. 
Purple. This color has been known to reduce emotional and mental stress. Purple symbolizes royalty, power, mystery, nobility, luxury, wisdom, creativity, magic, and romance. 
Red. Red has been popular in portraying love, romance, warmth, comfort, excitement, passion, courage, and danger. Red has been used to energize the mind and body as well as increase circulation. 
Orange. Orange has been used to rejuvenate creative juices. The color has been used to invoke wealth, happiness, energy, enthusiasm, and warmth. In Color therapy, orange is used to heal the lungs and increase energy levels.  
Yellow. Use this color as a treatment for depression. This fun, light color portrays optimism, caution, energy, laughter, cheery, and hungry. It is also used to relax the nerves and purify the body. 
White. White has been used to represent purity, innocence, cleanliness, safety, and faith. 
Color Psychology 
Though colors have different meanings in different cultures, most psychologists agree that color can exaggerate feelings, understanding, and reactions. For example, most hospitals have blue walls to influence a calm and peaceful setting. Research has found that:
  • Blue-colored street lights have been known to reduce crime in certain areas. 
  • Red has been connected to speed and force, making it a trendy color in the automobile industry. 
  • Black uniforms, such as suits and police outfits, symbolize authority and professionalism.

Cold Lighting 

Warm Lighting 

  • Bright
  • Harsh
  • Used for focus and productivity 
  • Best used in offices or hospitals
  • Dim 
  • Comforting 
  • Promotes relaxation 
  • Best for restaurants and movie theaters

How to Change a Room’s Mood with LED Smart Lights 
Our LED smart lights have over 16 million customizable colors, so you can create any mood you can imagine. The smart lights feature memory settings, so you don’t have to reset the numbers each time you use them. 
All you would need to do is download our mobile application on your smartphone or mobile device for complete access to your lighting options. Use the application to set the hue, color, and shade of your lights and save them into the application. Remember the rules of warm and cooling colors and where they are appropriate. 
Interior Decorating with Smart Lights: Specific Room Recommendations  
Bedroom. To melt off the stress of a long day, we suggest using our smart lights to project blue hues. Even a splash of eye level blue lighting can help reduce stress so you can get a good night’s rest.
Dining room/Kitchen. Stimulate conversation with red lighting. Red lights promote intimacy and comfort, making it a great color to use in your kitchen or dining room as they are places where the family tends to get together. 
Livingroom. Green is the color of life, so it should be fully represented in your living room! Bright green can promote health, creativity, and excitement. Get the energy to read that book you always wanted or enjoy your entertainment center. 
Home Gym. Most people are exercising from home nowadays, but find it hard to get motivated. Using a rich yellow color helps keep you focused and motivation to push out that extra round of crunches. 
 Create Your Perfect Mood With Yescomusa


LifeSmart Cololight PRO Smarter Kit with Base 11pcs 


  • LifeSmart DIY LED Light Kit, including 11 light blocks & 1 tabletop base
  • Enjoys fun of DIY: Up to 11 blocks can be spliced together to design your own shapes, shows gorgeous effects & creates romantic atmosphere
  • Flexible Control - smartphone, touch and voice control which works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home
  • Voice Control via smartphone or voice sensor on the USB cable, light color will change along with sound sensed
We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 
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