Summer Patio Decorating Tips  

Summer is right around the corner and if we’re lucky, we’ll be spending it in our lovely homes. Lately, most of us have spent a lot of time in our backyards or patios so now we’re in need of an upgrade. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a fabulous backyard, just have a little creativity. Check out Yescomusa’s summer collection of patio furniture. 

Solar Powered LED Rectangle Patio Umbrella 

When you invest in your backyard you invest in your peace of mind. Enjoy your backyard or patio longer with a solar powered LED rectangle patio. This large rectangle patio umbrella allows you to tilt the frame to shade you from the sun and the solar powered LED lights give you a romantic glow at night without the need for a plug. Your large patio umbrella fits perfectly at the center of your table or it stands great alone. Complete your outdoor get away today!



Solar Rectangle Outdoor Tilt Patio Umbrella


The 10'x6.5' Patio Solar Umbrella blocks the sun's rays throughout the day, and lights up the night with its pre-installed solar-powered LEDs. So, no matter day or night, you can enjoy relaxing get together with this auto tilt solar umbrella. As a great companion, our solar umbrella can prevent from the sun's rays or rainwater and provide perfect protection for you. Get one and enjoy your life with it !!


Canopy Gazebo Tent 

Portable, pop-up canopy gazebos have many uses. The customizable tent has netting side walls that allows air to seamlessly pass through while blocking out insects, dust, and pollution. The party tent can be used for graduations, weddings, birthday celebrations, or cook outs. Get creative and use your pop-up canopy gazebo tent as a secure play area for your small children or rambunctious pets. Our heavy duty canopy gazebo protects you from harsh elements such as the blaring sun, strong winds, and of course, the rain.

11'x11' Ez Pop Up Canopy Gazebo Tent with Sidewalls Net

High Quality:

  • All-in-1 Vintage Pavilion Appearance - 11x11ft Pop-Up Gazebo Tent with Netting Sidewalls provides room for approx. 6 people to sit under; Canopy with cornice brings classic beauty, mesh sidewalls with zippers can be collected while not using, gazebo shape likes a well-built cabin, perfectly compatible with your patio, backyard, courtyard
  • Durable Canopy Top - 160g polyester fabric ensures durability and keeps original color for a long time; PA coating for UV30+ protection to protect you from harmful UV ray; 2 tiers connected by hook and loop fasteners, netting between tiers for air flowing, offers a comfortable airy space under the cover
  • Breathable Mesh Sidewall - Netting with high density, not only for you to enjoy the breeze in summer days, also for blocking annoying flies and gnats out, protects you from being bitten outside; Feeling the cool wind and enjoying the outside view with not disturbance

Foldable Pool Spa Heated Solar Shower    

Everyone knows that it is necessary to shower before you get in the pool to wash off excess dirt and sweat but it is also important to shower after pool use to wash off chlorine and other harsh chemicals. Rinse off conveniently with a foldable pool spa shower. The solar powered stand alone shower effectively heats 6.6 gallons of water without the need of an outlet or external power source.    

Foldable Pool Spa Heated Solar Shower Base w/ Stand

High Quality:

  • Heating water by solar energy, no energy costs
  • Foldable, easy for storage
  • Holds 6.6 gallon of water, heats water quickly. Keep the heat inside the tank of for a longer time and raise the water temperature up to 130°F
  • Handy setting to control temperature and water pressure easily
  • Made of durable PVC construction
  • Easy to assemble, connects to any standard garden hose, not additional plumbing needed

Strawberries Planters

Who doesn’t love the smell and the taste of fresh strawberries! Strawberries can be easily grown in your patio or backyard using our fabric hanging pots. Fabric pots allow strawberry seedlings to gather more sun exposure and reduce the chance of overwatering. Using a fabric pot let’s the strawberry plant’s roots heat up and maintain warm temperatures for longer periods.    


2-Pack Strawberry Grow Bags Hanging Fabric Pots


Buy this 2-pack 3.8 Gallon Hanging Garden Plant Grow Bag Fabric Pots that can allow oxygen to deplete the walls of the pot to grow faster and better. Even better, it can prevent many problems associated with over water like root rot. Great for indoor and outdoor planting. Ideal for patios or small gardens, like the balcony, sunroom, and outdoor spaces. It can used to grow variety of plants and vegetables, sugar as potato, carrot, peanut, taro and so on.

American Aluminum Telescoping Flag Pole



Show your neighbors just how patriotic you are with a 25’ telescoping American flag pole set. This large American flag will tower over your yard proudly, without the use of pulleys or rope. The sturdy aluminum pole will hold up against the elements and refrain from rust or damage.


American Aluminum Telescoping Flag Pole Set 25'


Our flag pole is perfect to show your independence, democracy and strong patriotic spirit to everyone with your national flag. And it's also good for attracting attention to publicize your excellent company and outstanding team with the particular flag of your company and team.


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