The current fear of catching an illness has become a worldwide scare that affected millions of lives. The crisis has not only caused thousands of individuals to become ill but has caused international fear and a threat to the daily lives of normal people. The economy has taken a great hit and many business owners can not afford to take off from work or give their workers paid sick time.
However, though some can not afford to take off that does not mean that they can’t take the proper precautions needed to stay safe. As the number of liquid cleaning materials continues to decline, home and business owners are now discovering new ways to limit the spread of illness. 
Heated and UV Cleaner 
Many public service-based businesses, such as spas, hair salons or barbershops have the potential to spread illness. The cost of cleaning all equipment using liquid cleaning products can get expensive. Many companies are implementing alternate ways of cleaning items that they use regularly. 
heated cleaner is a great way to keep your products germ-free. According to the CDC and other health professionals, most germs can be killed by using temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 
Electric Towel Cleaner 
Many people use towels in their kitchen, bathrooms, and businesses not understanding that the thick cloth material can create the perfect breeding ground for germs and molds. Washing the towel can be ineffective, time-consuming, and wasteful. However, there is an eco-friendly alternative. UV ray lights are an effective way of eliminating hard to kill germs. Placing your towels in an electric towel cleaner can not only destroy germs but refresh your towels, making them feel completely new. 
Air Purifier 
Cleaning the air is just as important as washing your surfaces. As germs can travel through dust particles, it is important to protect the air that you breathe. A quality air purifier can gather 95% of illness-causing germs that can get you sick from the air and lock them into the filter. This can reduce the chances of anyone in the room getting sick and provide safe spaces to breathe. 
Through these rough times, it is important for everyone to not only stay safe but keep the safety of others in mind as well. Cleaning your home, tools, and air are great ways to stop the spread of sickness.