Trampoline Upgrades You Need this Summer  

Trampolines are fun, inexpensive, and a great way to work out. Trampoline exercise is referred to as “rebounding” and helps stimulate the lymphatic system. This helps rid the body of toxins and disease while improving balance and strength. Trampoline exercise is known to help in weight loss and to tone the body, that’s why major celebrities such as Eva Longoria has made this exercise popular. In this article, Yescomusa will show you how these fun exercise routines can be taken to the next level!
Safety First  
There is no doubt that trampolines are fun and great exercise, but they can be dangerous if safety measures are ignored. In fact, studies have recorded about 100,000 injuries each year due to trampoline use. This is often due to bouncing too high and falling off the trampoline which can cause serious injury. However, there is a simple solution. By adding netting around the circumference of your trampoline. Secure netting will prevent unwanted falls, slips, and reduce the chance of trampoline injury. 


Trampoline Net Enclosure Safety for 12ft 14ft 15ft Frame

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This is a premium enclosure netting to be attached onto the front of 12' 13' 14' 15' round trampoline pad. It is able to totally enclose the kids, the teens or the adults and provides protection against bouncing out of the mat and contact with the frames.

Just replace your old and worn-out netting with this brand new one! Start a new era of bouncing and having fun together!


Uncovered spring hooks can also present a danger to you and your family. The sharp metal can cause scratches and smaller children can get body parts caught between the tiny spaces. Cover your springs with a high-quality pad to avoid the risk of injury. 

Trampoline Part 12 13 14 15 foot Safety Pad Blue Padding

Safety is so important for us no matter when we are working or having fun together. If your pads have shielded you for quite long and have been in torn or ruptured condition, substitute this safety pad with one-piece design for the old one! It is able to give the maximum protection to the kids, teens or adults from being scratched or trapped by the spring hooks and space between springs. And with PVC and EPE foam construction, the pad will not absorb water, mildew, crack or lose shape!


Water Toys
Cool down on a hot summer day when you add our trampoline water sprinkler misting system to the mix! Turn your backyard into a water park with this water spraying hose! Simply attach your sprinkler to your trampoline netting and enjoy splashing water from all directions!


Trampoline Sprinkler 39 ft Water Park Sprinkler

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Our trampoline accessories toys will turn your trampoline into your very own waterpark! Upgrade with a 39 ft trampoline water sprinkler misting system! Cooldown and enjoy the weather with our backyard water toys!


Extra Storage
Has storage ever been a problem? Safely store your shoes, jewelry, cellphones, and any other loose items that may get lost or broken. By adding a storage bag beneath your trampoline you can conveniently store your precious items without worrying about them getting jumped on and destroyed. 

Trampoline Shoe Bag Parts Storage with 2 Pouches

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Improve your trampoline experience with our trampoline accessories! Never lose valuables again when you neatly, and safely store away your shoes and other items beneath your trampoline. Great for organization during children’s parties, events, and backyard games.


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