Wheel Of Fortune Game For Kids 

The excitement, the anticipation, the competitiveness- we love game shows! Bring the adventure into your home with an indoor game you and your children can play all summer long! For years, the Wheel of Fortune has been an educational game that challenges the witt and luckiness of its competitors. Here is how you can play the game at home with your kids! 
Basic Rules of the Game 
Generally, the game is played with three players for three rounds, to solve a hangman-type word puzzle. Each puzzle round has a category, and we recommend choosing age-appropriate phrases or themes that challenge your child’s brain. 
Tools You Will Need:
After spinning to see who goes first, the chosen player will spin again. The spinning wheel will land on a dollar amount or prize. From there the player gets 60 seconds to choose: 
  1. Guess a consonant.
    1. To solve the hangman-like puzzle a player can guess a consonant, free of charge. If they get the answer wrong, there is no penalty or change to the player’s winning.  
  2. Buy a vowel. 
    1. Depending on your currency, you will have to decide on a fair price for a vowel.
  3. Solve the puzzle
    1. Players can solve the puzzle at any time. If they get it wrong, however, they are out of the game. If they get it right, they get to keep all of their winnings.     
At the end of all three rounds, the player who solves the puzzle first or gets the most “cash” wins or prizes wins. 
Play Bonus Rounds
It is always a good idea to include a bonus round, especially if your children have not solved the puzzle. Generally, bonus rounds allow players to buy vowels for free or get a little help from the host. 
What to Include in Your Prize Wheel 
Teach your children simple math by using loose change and coins. This will help them learn currency and process transactions quickly. Or use other forms of currency like raisins or plastic chips! Either way, be sure to include other incentives and prizes such as healthy snacks, an extra spin, or additional playtime before bed. 
Promoting Education Through Gaming 
Wheel of Fortune for Kids is an extremely fun and exciting way to teach your children: 
  1. How to count, add and subtract money and currency 
  2. How to read and use cognitive skills to solve problems 
  3. How to compete, win and lose gracefully 
  4. How to learn and have fun without the use of electronic devices 
  5. How to use their imagination and form educational guesses 
Customize the Game 
Switch it up and create your own game with a WinSpin Prize wheel! For years teachers and other educational professionals have used this tool to teach math, science, and even history. The WinSpin Prize Wheel has dry erase features, so you can play an array of games at your pleasure. Children will have fun spinning the wheel and awaiting what will come next. 
Take Your WinSpin to the Office
Your WinSpin fun doesn't have to end at home! Bring your WinSpin prize wheel into the office and share the excitement with your co-workers! You can use a WinSpin prize wheel to host a virtual happy hour!
Use your WinSpin prize wheel to play drinking games, truth or dare, and any other adult games!
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