6'x25' Residential Privacy Screen Fence Polyethylene Black

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SKU: YES4888
Product Type: Privacy Screen Fence


  • 180g/sqm knitted high-density polyethylene flat fabric.
  • 90% visibility blockage, viewed from a little distance to your fence.
  • Wider flat filament, finer open meshes.
  • Better shading effect than round-filament fence screens.
  • More durable than other 160g/sqm fence screens.
  • At least half a year longer life time than other flat fabric fence screens made with returned materials!
  • Mildew and mold free.
  • Water-resistant and maximum air passage.
  • Four sides are finished with reinforced material.
  • Double stitched provide extra strong sides.
  • Reinforced binding and copper grommets on all 4 sides.
  • You can also bind two fence screens together(up to down or left to right) to heighten or prolong the screen if needed.
  • Great for construction fences, table tennis and badminton court fences, household chicken and duck farm fences, and so on.
  • Color(optional):Black
  • Material:180g/sqm HDPE Flat Fabric
  • Fit For Fence:6 Feet High Fence
  • Overall Size(totally stretched):25' Long x 5' 8" Tall(7.6x1.8m)
  • Grommet Quantities:32
Package Includes:
  • 1x Top-quality Flat Fabric Fence Screen
  • 100x Nylon Self-Locking Ties as Free Gift
  • 30x Silver buttonhole