Jewelry Triple Beam Balance Precision Scale 2610 Gram

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SKU: YES1539
Product Type: Postal & Lab Scale


  • CE approved.
  • Practical and precise.
  • Triple beam direct reading.
  • High-quality aluminum alloy construction.
  • Knife edges mark to make accurate and repeatable results.
  • 6" diameter Stainless Steel Platform to place item for weigh.
  • Come with two 1000-gram and one 500-gram attachment weights.
  • Three attachment weights to increase the capacity from 610g to 2610g.
  • 610g capacity without attachment weights.
  • 2610 gram Max weight capacity with two 1000-gram attachment weights.
  • The scale can hang two attachment weights at the same time.
  • Zero adjustment knob for zeroing the scale.
  • Built-in magnetic dampening can keep balance of the pointer after a minimum of swing for quicker results.
  • No need battery or any other power supply.
  • Perfect for laboratories and classrooms.


Capacity(without attachment weights) 610g x 0.1g
Max Capacity(with attachment weights) 2610g x 0.1g
Front Beam 10g x 0.1g
Center Beam 500g x 100g
Rear Beam 100g x 10g
Platform Size: 6" diameter
Overall Size: 18" L x 6-1/4" W x 6" H

Package Includes:

  • 1x Triple Beam Balance Scale
  • 2x 1000-gram Attachment Weights
  • 1x 500-gram Attachment Weight
  • 1x Instruction