10x6-1/5 ft Photography Background Support & WBG Backdrops

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SKU: YES1015

Best Solution for Your Professional Photo Studio:

  • Strong support capacity but lightweight.
  • Assembly frames for suitable background of different size objects.
  • Perfect for costume, portrait and large object photography.
  • Set up in minutes and stored in portable carrying case.
  • Indispensable background kit for your photo studio.

Professional Background/Backdrop Support:

  • Strong alloy steel construction.
  • 6-1/5 ft Max. fully extended height and 2-2/5 ft Min. height.
  • Supports background up to 10 ft width.
  • Two-section separate telescopic crossbars can adjust width from 5-2/5 ft to 10 ft easily.
  • Extra wide footprint with rubber tips for more stability.
  • Simple press-to-lock locks provide fast precise height adjustment.
  • Folding frame design for freewill lighting position setting and easier storage.
  • Fit for both fabric (canvas/ muslin) and paper backgrounds.

Carrying Case:

  • Valued $14.99 at market price!
  • Built-in small pocket for instruments.
  • Portable and convenient to anywhere.
  • Suitable for one set of background support.


  • One 9ft x 6ft Black Muslin Backdrop.
  • One 9ft x 6ft White Muslin Backdrop.
  • One 9ft x 6ft Green Muslin Backdrop.
  • The most popular and indispensable backdrops for your photo studio.
  • Suitable for any costume, portrait and large object photography.

2x Background Clamps(FREE GIFT):

  • Ideal for Office and Home
  • Essential Item for Photo Studio
  • Can Clamp 2" Max. Thickness
  • With Moveable Clamp Teeth to Hold Backdrop or Other Items tightly
  • Size: 4" L x 2-3/4" W
  • Package Includes:

    • 1x 10ft x 6-1/5ft Backdrop Support Stand
    • 1x 9ft x 6ft Black Muslin Backdrop
    • 1x 9ft x 6ft White Muslin Backdrop
    • 1x 9ft x 6ft Green Muslin Backdrop
    • 1x Carrying Case for Support (free gift)
    • 2x Background Clamps (free gift)

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