Titanium Lead-Free Soldering Pot Solder Bath

18.99 $ 29.99
SKU: YES1428
Product Type: Solder Station


  • Power supply: 110V
  • Slot size: φ50mm
  • Capacity: 500G

Package content:

  • 1x soldering pot
  • 1x manual


  • This product must be grounded. Improper installation of the grounding must be prohibited.
  • Position the control dial to high range when you start to use the solder pot, and then place the dial to the grade of auto-temperature after soldering. The general working temperature of molten solder in the solder pot is 572 - 662 ℉ (around grade 4-grade 9). The temperature of melted solder shouldn't be too high, or it will cause the aging of solder pot, the darkening or yellowing of melted solder. When highly acidic scaling powder is applied, the solder pot is more likely to be corroded or perforated under extraordinarily high temperature.