HPS Plant Grow Light Bulb Watt Optional

SKU: YES4897

250/400/600/1000 Watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulb Hydroponics Indoor Grow Light
This high quality HPS Grow light bulb can produce a very balanced and efficient spectrum of lights, brings you the best yields in flowing, budding and fruiting. It emits a red/yellow spectrum that is among the most energy efficient sources of indoor sunlight and extends the growing season.


Rated Wattage 1000W 600W 400W 250W
HID Type Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium
Dia. 2-1/2" 1-3/5" 1-3/5" 1-3/5"
Length 15-1/8" 11-1/8" 11-1/8" 9-3/5"
Life (hrs) 24000 24000 24000 24000
Color Temp. 2100K 2100K 2100K 2100K
Rated Initial Lumens 125000LM 90000LM 50000LM 32000LM
Base Type E39 E39 E39 E39
Bulb Shape E25 T15 T15 T15
Bulb Orientation Universal Universal Universal Universal
Certificate FCC FCC FCC FCC

Package Content:

  • 1x Grow Bulb