DSLR Shoulder Rig Mount Kit Stabilizer Holder Support

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SKU: YES3056

This Lightweight Shoulder Support Rig Kit is collapsible, transformable shoulder mount rig and stabilizer. Keep stable video shooting.


  • Non-slip rest pad on all hand grips & shoulder stand.
  • All hand grips and joint are rotatable and adjustable.
  • 9.8" Rods come as a pair that can be connected in length using the included screw junctions.
    Standard 15mm in diameter, and made of stronger and lighter-weight tubular aluminum, the pair can be used in a variety of rig system such as with Fixed or Variable Plates and with the Flexible Matte box.
  • Telescopic connecting rod between mounting plate and shoulder stand.


  • Cage: 8"H x 7 1/2"L
  • Hand grip & back frame: 6 1/3"L
  • Rod length: 9.8"
  • Rod diameter: 15mm
  • Mounting plate 1/4" screw, 2" x 2 1/3"
  • Shoulder stand: 5"L

Packages Include:

  • 1x Shoulder rig kit
  • 1x Manual