853D Digital Lead-Free Soldering Station Solder Gun Hot Air Iron

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This brand new 3in1 Soldering Station, Hot Air Rework Station and DC Power Supply SMD Rework Station 853D is upgraded from 898D+ series and inherited all advantages. Alloy metal body with high-quality silicone shell features elegant appearance and is power efficient. You can use Soldering Station, Hot Air Rework Station and DC Power Supply separately due to dual-core micro-controller, no interference with each other. Intelligent PID control circuit adopted, it ensures rapid warming-up and stable accurate temperature control while not affected by airflow, achieve real lead-free soldering and de soldering. Especially suitable for manual mounting and reworking SMD components.

6 Tools as Free Gift:

  • 4 Nozzles (5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, )for versatile applications
  • 1 DC Probe Cable for testing conveniently
  • 1 Sponge to wipe the soldering tips at times
  • 1 De soldering Wick CP-2015F for perfect joint
  • 11pcs of Iron tips (900M-T-B, 3C, 2.4D, 1.2D, K, 3.2D, 2C, 1.6D, 4C,Two 900M-T-I)


  • 3 in 1 (Soldering Station, Hot Air Rework Station and DC Power Supply)
  • Very good for Lead-free solder wire(one kind of environmental-friendly product with good stability) melting.
  • Extremely low noise and space efficient design
  • Two LED digital displays to show precision temperature
  • One LED display to show the mobile RF signal and testing voltage
  • PID technology to enhance temperature stability,, quick warming-up
  • PID microcomputer control, over-temperature, short circuit, open circuit, overload protections.
  • Adjust the airflow and temperature control rotation easily
  • Intelligence self-detection function features safe personal operation
  • Automatically stop rotation when the temperature is less than 70 C
  • Handle with sensor switch features access operating mode when picks up or standby mode when lays down
  • Automatic cooling function for effectively prolonging the heater's life and protecting the hot air gun
  • ESD design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components
  • International standard heater for convenient use and exchange
  • High-quality resistance for durable use
  • Plastic holder for placing the hot air gun
  • Metal Stand for keeping the iron from flammable materials
  • Excellent for laboratories, universities and mobile computer repair and RF signal test, etc.
  • Suitable for SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA and temperature-sensitive components
  • Fits for heating shrink, drying, lacquer removal, viscidity removal, ice-out, pre-heating and glue soldering
  • Voltage: 110V/AC
  • Storage Environment: -20~80 C
  • CE approved


Hot Air Gun



Brushless Fan

Gentle Wind

Working Environment

0~50 C



Temp. Stability

1 C

Temp. Control

100~480 C

Soldering Hot Iron
ESM design
Tip of Ground Voltage
Tip Ground Impedance
< 2ohm

Temp. Stability


Temp. Control

200~480 C

DC Power Supply
Output Voltage
Load Stability
Testing Voltage
Protection Current
Temp. Coefficient
Ripple dB
(Virtual Value)

Package Includes:

  • 1x 3in1 Soldering Station Unit
  • 1x Hot Air Gun
  • 1x Hot Iron
  • 1x DC Probe Cable
  • 1x Metal Stand
  • 1x Holder
  • 1x Sponge
  • 4x Nozzles
  • 1x Desoldering Wick
  • 11x Iron tips
  • 1x Manual