Automotive Paint Sprayers Gavity Feed 3 HVLP Spray Guns Kit Silver

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SKU: YES2615
Product Type: HVLP Sprayer

Here we are offering a Professional 7-Piece and 3 HVLP Spray Guns Kit. Kit contains 1.8mm, 1.4mm and 1.0mm spray guns will allow you to spray a wide spectrum of coatings! This spray gun kit supplies low pressure through the air cap which makes the spraying softer, easily controlled and less overspray in high transfer efficiency. Ideals for basecoats, clearcoats, single stages and primers.


  • Designed to provide equal atomization and partical size for all kinds of surface painting.
  • Light weight, ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduces operating fatigue.
  • Stainless steel nozzle and needle to allow use aqueous based paint for long time
  • Precise 1.8mm,1.4mm & 1.0mm stainless steel needle and nozzle set.
  • 3 Knobs for full adjustment: fluid, pattern and air pressure controls.
  • Two 1000ml and one 100ml aluminum cups with lids
  • A aluminum carrying case w/ locks for easily taking with
  • Comes with a air regulator with gauge as free gift
  • CE, GS certification
  • 1.8mm set-up is ideal for the atomization of primers, sealers, thinned latex/oil base, and other medium to heavy viscosity coatings.
  • This 1.4mm set-up for spraying basecoats, clearcoats, single stage and other light to medium viscosity coatings.
  • 1.0mm spray gun used for tight areas, small jobs and touch up


Spray Gun Full Size Spray Guns Mini Size Spray Gun
Nozzle Size 1.8 mm 1.4 mm 1.0 mm
Air Inlet 1/4"
Type of Feed Gravity
Recommended Air Pressure 0-43 psi (0-2.9 bar) 0-30 psi (0-2 bar)
Max. Pressure of Air 43 psi (2.9 bar) 30 psi (2 bar)
Paint Capacity 1000 ml 100 ml
Average Air Consumption 5-10 cfm 1-4 cfm
Pattern Width 6.3"-9.4" (160-240mm) 3.1"-3.9" (80-100 mm)
Operating Pressure 87 - 116 psi

    Fine Adjustment:

    The desired pattern and fine atomization can be easily obtained by regulating the Pattern Adjusting Knob and Fluid Adjusting Knob.

    • Pattern Adjustment: Turn the Pattern Adjusting Knob to the right until tight will make spray pattern round, or turn left make spray pattern ellipse.
    • Fluid Adjustment: Turn the Fluid Adjusting Knob clockwise will decrease the volume of fluid output and counter-clockwise will increase fluid output.
    Package Content:
    • 1x 1.8mm HVLP primer spray gun
    • 1x 1.4mm HVLP topcoat spray gun
    • 1x 1.0mm HVLP touch-up spray gun
    • 2x 1000ml aluminum cups w/ lids
    • 1x 100ml aluminum cup w/ lid
    • 1x Locking air pressure regulator w/ gauge
    • 1x Aluminum carrying box
    • 1x Instruction manual