Airbrush Art Air Compressor Tank Ink Stencil Holder

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Here we offer this professional Air Compressor at a reasonable price. This high-quality air compressor is perfect for commercial arts, illustration, photo retouching, temporary tattoos, cake decorating, crafts, hobbies, ect. Comes with air tank water valve, the Air Compressor is perfectly safe using and best for delicate spraying. The computer stencil books with 200 designs can make image clearly and can be used repeatedly. Save much more time than hand.

Comes with air tank water valve, the Air Compressor is perfectly safe using and best for delicate spraying.

Free Gift:

  • One bottle of Blue Tattoo Ink & one bottle of Yellow Tattoo Ink
  • A Free 2-brush Holder to hold two air brushes firmly and conveniently.

Piston Compressor with Air Tank:

  • CE, GS, ETL, CETL and ROHS Approved.
  • Durable aluminum alloy.
  • High efficiency, Low noise and Oil free.
  • Ensure smooth air-flow and zero pulse.
  • Pressure adjustable.
  • Thermally protected
  • Automatic On/Off function for safe using.
    Start at 3 Bar(43 psi) and Stop at 4 Bar(57 psi).
  • Power Saving.
  • Simple used One On/Off Switch.
  • Air Tank can decrease the impulsive force of flowing air to keep stable air pressure and continued airflow.
    Also help to filter moisture to keep the spraying airflow dry.
  • Red Relief Valve for releasing the pressure of air tank to protect the compressor.
    It will start automatically when the pressure higher than 8 Bar(114 psi).
  • The Water Drain Valve at the bottom of compressor for discharging water from the air tank after using the compressor a long time.
  • Pressure Regulator and Filter with Gauge can help you to check the air leakage and make air adjustment precisely.
  • The Water Release Valve can be open to release the moisture at any time.
  • Portable with an easy carrying Handle.
  • Skidproof Rubber Feet for table use.
  • Suitable for diam 0.2-1.0mm air brush with nozzle.
  • One 6 Ft Air Hose with airproof rubber for connecting air compressor and air brush easily.
  • Please read the instruction manual before using.

The Advantages of Air Tank of Compressor:

  • Provide a reservoir of pressurized air that you can draw from while spraying.
    You can be draw air at a regulated pressure from tank directly instead of from the piston cylinder.
  • Eliminate the tiny pulsation in the air supply caused by the physical motion of piston to pressurize air.
  • Help to make stable air pressure and continued airflow.
  • Extend the life span of the engine of compressor.
    Compressor pumps air just when the tank needs enough air instead of always being on.
  • As the first line moisture trap, it's good for filtering water and can make the spraying airflow more dry.

Tattoo Ink:

  • FDA standard and SGS EN71 certificated.
  • Safe for body use.
  • Waterproof and non-toxic.
  • Avoid face and eye while airbrushing.
  • 8 bottles of 40ml (1-2/5 oz) tattoo Ink in total. (Each bottle of ink valued $6.25 at market price.)
  • Three bottles of Common Tattoo Ink for general painting: Red, Green and Black.
  • Three bottles of Pearly Tattoo Ink for attractive painting: Silvery White, Rose and Gold.
  • Free Gifts: one bottle of Blue common tattoo ink & one bottle of Yellow common tattoo ink.
    (Perfect for your colorful spray painting art. )

Tattoo Stencil Books:

  • Model: Book 9 & Book 10
  • Two books with 200 designs in total.
  • Easy to use.
  • Self-adhesive paper.
  • Durable and reusable.
  • 4 designs on each A4 sheet.
  • Safe and environmental friendly.


Air Compressor:
Power 110-120V 60Hz, 1/6 HP
Speed 1450/1700 r.p.m
Air Tank 3 liters
Max. Pressure 58 psi
Air Output 20 - 23 liters per minute
Auto Stop Start at 43psi and Stop at 57psi
Pressure Adjust Range 0-4 Bar(57psi)
Compressor Size 12" L x 5-1/2" W x 12" H
Air Hose 6 Ft (with two 1/8" connectors)
Tattoo Stencil Books: (Each book valued $32.95 at market price)
Each Design Size 3-1/4" L x 5-1/4" W
Stencil Book Size 11-3/4" L x 8-1/2" W x 5/8" T
Tattoo Ink: 8x 40ml (1-2/5 oz)

Package Includes:

  • 1x Air Compressor
  • 6x Tattoo Ink (Red, Green, Black, Silvery White, Rose and Gold)
  • 1x Free Blue Tattoo Ink
  • 1x Free Yellow Blue Tattoo Ink
  • 2x Tattoo Stencil Books with 200 Designs
  • 1x Air Hose
  • 1x 2-brush Holder
  • 1x Instruction for Compressor

Tips: If the stencils are blotted with ink after using, just wipe them with a wet rag of water or small amount of alcohol.


  • The Air Compressor will be off automatically after working for several seconds as full of air. It will be on once the air brush starts spraying.
  • Stop the compressor and keep it in ventilated place after 4 or 5 hours working to avoid overheating of the thermal slug.
  • To ensure safety the compressor will be off automatically when temperature of the machine reaches 130 degrees Celsius (GS Approved).
  • This air compressor is 110-120 voltage with US standard plug. If the voltage rating of your country is not 110-120V, please make sure to attach a Transformer or Traveler Adapter.