9W 100-198 Gal Aquarium Fish Tank UV Sterilizer Pump Filter

9W 100-198 Gal Aquarium Fish Tank UV Sterilizer Pump Filter
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This All in One Upgraded Aquarium UV Sterilizer Pump can solve all problems of your aquarium in very economical way. Its features include sterilizing, pumping, filtering, and increasing oxygen which can offer natural water ecological environment to the fishes and aquatic plant. It is perfect for eliminating green algae and algae blooms, controlling harmful parasites and bacteria, preventing waterborne pathogens and reducing unpleasant odors. You will see healthier and happier fishes swimming in the crystal clean water after using this pump.

Advantage of Our Upgraded UV Sterilizer Pump:
Our Upgraded UV Sterilizer Pump
Traditional UV Sterilizer Pump
*10 W pump, higher power and efficiency
8W pump, low power
*Suitable for 100-198 gallons tanks
Only fit for 75 gallon tanks

*With Dual Filter: Quartz ball filter & high-quality filter sponge
Better filtration effect, can reduce unpleasant odors

With Only one simple sponge, poor filter effect and can't reduce odors
*Electronic ballast:
Low heat and high efficiency
Energy saving and cost efficient, silent!
Electromagnetic ballast:
Low efficiency
Energy and money consuming, noisy
*With oxygen tube, perfect for increasing dissolved oxygen levels in aquariums.
Without oxygen tube


UV Light Wattage:
9 W
Max Flow:
185 GPH
Max Head:
2-2/7 Feet
Pump Weight:
1.7 lbs
Pump dimension:
11-1/2"L x 3"W
  • No additional tubing or circulation pump required.
  • Water flow nozzle can be turned 90 degrees and lets you direct the water at different angles.
  • Convenience for maintaining and cleaning.
  • Great for both fresh and salt water aquarium.
  • Easy Installation.

Package Content:

  • 1 x UV Sterilizer Pump
  • 3 x suction cups
  • 1 x Oxygen Tube
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Warning: UVC light is harmful to the eyes and skin, please Do Not watch UVC light directly or let the skin approach to the UVC light.
**Please read the Instruction Manual carefully before the first time use.