6" Remote DRO Digital Readout Lathe Mill Router Table

29.99 $ 65.99
SKU: YES4594
Product Type: Digital Readouts


  • Easy to read LCD Display with inch, decimal, fractional and metric readings
  • Magnetic Remote display with 50" cord for easy installation and access
  • Can be used in Vertical, Horizontal or any position with the mounting hardware
  • Can set "zero" anywhere within operating range for determining relative distances
  • Includes brackets for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • DRO Slide Bar can be cut to fit specific applications
  • Can be installed to any machine's axes to keep track of workpiece position (milling and the like) or the tool's position (lathes and grinders)
  • Suitable for lathes, cylindrical grinders, milling machines, surface grinders, boring mills, router tables, planer, table saw fence and other machine tools


  • Measure range: 0-6"
    • Accuracy: 0.001"
    • Reading: 0.001"/0.01mm/64ths/inch

Package Contents:

  • 1x LCD Display
  • 1x Scale
  • 1x Accessories set
  • 1x Manual

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