6" 260 CFM Aluminum Blade Duct Fan Vent Exhaust Blower

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  • Powerful and efficient performance - 260 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
    Higher efficiency than other 80cfm blowers.
  • Can clear odor of 1,000 cubic feet (10ft x 10ft x 10ft) grow tent within 4 minutes!
  • Dual crimped flanges on one side to hook-up with duct easily.
  • Galvanized steel sheet housing.
  • Lightweight and practical.
  • Come with 5-1/2 feet Grounded Power Cord with US standard plug.
  • Perfect for ventilation of Grow Room or air cooling of grow light reflector.

Quality Improvement:

  • Upgraded Heavy-duty Motor:
    • UL listed for safe use.
    • More powerful and efficient.
  • High-quality Aluminum Fan Blade:
    • More durable and powerful than plastic fan blades.
  • Thicker Galvanized Steel Sheet Housing to avoid deformation in transit.


    Air Flow Rate
    Max. Temperature
    6" Diam.
    260 CFM
    120V/110V 60Hz 42W
    30 degree Celsius
    7-1/2" L x 6" W

Package Contents:

  • 1x Upgraded 6" Vent Mini Blower

Tips: Effective treatment requires the exchange of air in your growing area in a period of several minutes. You can count the total cubic feet with multiplying length by width by height of your growing area. Then divide by the CFM Parameter(cubic feet per minute) of the fan, you will get the time that the fan exchange the air for your grow area. For example, if the size of your grow tent is 10' length x 10' width x 10' height, it contains a total of 1,000 cubic feet. With our 260CFM fan, you would treat your growing area within 4 minutes! Convenient and high-efficient for your grow room or grow tent!

**Please kindly know the scale in picture is for demonstration only, not included. Thank you!


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