5 Cups and 6 Spoons Baking Cooking Measuring Spoon Set

SKU: YES2814
Product Type: Hand Mixer

Our 11pc Measuring Spoon Set includes 5 cups and 6 spoons, which is the essential measuring tool in the baking process. With this measuring spoon set, you can get precise measurement for baking coffee, cooking, etc.


  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Made of excellent plastic
  • Two gaps on both sides of the cups/spoons, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users
  • Metric on the handle for easily getting the right spoons or cups
  • Color: White


  • Six Spoons Size: 1/8tsp(0.6ml) ; 1/4tsp(1.2ml) ; 1/2tsp(2.5ml) ; 1tsp(5ml) ;1/2tbsp(7.5ml) ; 1tbsp(15ml)
  • Five Cups Size: 1/8cup(31ml) ; 1/4cup(62ml) ; 1/3cup(83ml) ; 1/2cup(125ml) ; 1cup(250ml)

Package Content:

  • 5x Measuring Cups
  • 6x Measuring Spoons