33" Umbrella Constant Photo Lighting 2 Backdrops Carry Case

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This photography kit is ideal for shooting broad, flat, or folded items such as clothing.
This is the easiest technique to get fast, clean looking results for online web use.

Non Woven Fabric Backdrops:

  • Color: White, Blue
  • Size: 5-1/4 ft x 6-4/7 ft
  • Material: non woven fabric
  • Suitable for different objects photography
  • Provide better contrast solution for most objects

Professional Daylight Bulbs:

  • Total 2x 45 watts fluorescent daylight bulbs
  • Color temperature is 5500k, most perfect color temperature for photo taking.

Studio Translucent Umbrellas:

  • 33" wide soft white translucent umbrella.
  • Perfect for static photography, such as taking photos for clothes.
  • Make a very soft and natural light effect
  • Soften the flash light and avoid the shadows, improve the quality of your pictures

Light Tripods:

  • Maximum height is 6-1/2 feet, fold down to 2-2/9 feet for easy portability
  • Professional quality aluminum frame with black satin finish.
  • Simple quick-release levers provide fast height adjustment.
  • Wide angle footprints with rubber tips for more stability.
  • Folding frame design for freewill lighting position setting and easier storage.

AC Swivel Umbrella Holders:

  • Quick adjustable light positions that lock at the desired angle.
  • Distance from the umbrella to bulb is adjustable
  • Its 9.18 feet long cord helps you move it freely for best lighting effects.


  • 3 1/2" Length. can clamp 1 1/2" max. thickness
  • With clamp teeth to hold backdrop or other items tightly

Carrying Case:

  • One portable zippered carrying case with comfortable belt for easy carrying and storage.
  • Size: 29 1/2"L x 10"W x 4 1/2"H

Package Content:

  • 2x 33" Translucent Umbrellas
  • 2x 45w Daylight Bulbs
  • 2x 6-1/5 Feet Light Stands
  • 2x AC Swivel Umbrella Holders
  • 2x Backdrops
  • 2x Clamps
  • 1x Carrying Case