4'x50' Black Fence Screen 90% Privacy Windscreen Fencing Mesh

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SKU: YES4885
Product Type: Privacy Screen Fence

Brand new Flat Fabric Fence Screen For 4 Feet High Fence!
Due to its high-quality and heavy-duty knitted construction, it is available to enclose your private area and caution other people do not burst in. The fine open meshes allow air to pass through and give you a nice background with some visibility. Perfect for construction sites, scenery spot, garden, backyard, schoolyard, tennis court, poultry guard, commercial and residential use.


  • 180g/sqm knitted high-density polyethylene flat fabric.
    • 90% visibility blockage, viewed from a little distance to your fence.
    • Wider flat filament, finer open meshes.
    • Better shading effect than round-filament fence screens.
    • More durable than other 160g/sqm fence screens.
    • At least half a year longer life time than other flat fabric fence screens made with returned materials!
  • Mildew and mold free.
  • Water-resistant and maximum air passage.
  • Four sides are finished with reinforced material.
  • Double stitched provide extra strong sides.
  • Reinforced binding and copper grommets on all 4 sides.
    You can also bind two fence screens together(up to down or left to right) to heighten or prolong the screen if needed.
  • Great for construction fences, table tennis and badminton court fences, household chicken and duck farm fences, and so on.
  • Free Gift: 60x 200mm Nylon Self-Locking Ties (Valuated $4.99 at market price!)


180g/sqm HDPE Flat Fabric
Fit For Fence:
4 Feet High Fence
Overall Size
(totally stretched):
50' Long x 3' 8" Tall(15x1.1m)
Grommet Quantities:

Package Contents:

  • 1x Top-quality Flat Fabric Fence Screen
  • 100x Nylon Self-Locking Ties as Free Gift
  • 52x Silver buttonhole

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