25ft Garden Lawn Flexible Expandable Water Hose Blue

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  • Lightweight and easy to carry and storage.
  • Made of durable 400Dx800D high-strength polyester fibre.
  • Built-in 0.95mm diameter upgraded bicolored latex.
    • Best and most durable latex than other cheap fake latexes(transparent latex/thin bicolored latex) in the market!
    • The fake latexes will begin to deform and leak after using 10 times.
    • Can support higher water pressure than other water hoses with 0.9mm/0.93mm diameter latex.
  • Can be used at least 280 times!
  • Provide powerful spray when needed.
  • The water hose can expand quickly just by hooking the hose up to a US standard faucet and turning on the water.
  • When the water is turned off, the water hose can return to its contracted form.
  • Come with one on/off shut-off valve fit for US standard faucet.
  • Will not tangle or twist.
  • Excellent for water and washing.
  • No need to lug around, untangle and find large space to store the traditional heavy garden hoses any more.
  • Perfect to use with our 7 function water sprayer together (not included, available in our store).


Expanding Length:
About 25 feet
Original Contracted Length:
8-1/5 feet
Support Water Pressure:
17.6lbs (8 kg)
The Diameter of Shut-off Valve
(to Connect Sprayer)
3/4" inner Diameter
Our Expandable Water Hose
Traditional Water Hose
*Lightweight, pocket & labor Saving
Heavy, large & strenuous
*Space saving & easy to storage
Take up large space & difficult to store
*Without kinks or tangles
Full of tangles
Our Expandable Water Hose
Cheap Expandable Water Hoses
*400Dx800D high-strength polyester fibre
200D cheap polyester fibre
*New Real bicolored latex
Fake latex
*0.95mm thick diameter
0.9mm/0.93mm thin diameter
*Can be used at least 280 times!
Deform and leak after using about 10 times

Package Contents:

  • 1x Expandable Water Hose With Bicolored Latex
  • 1x Shut-off Valve