250w MH HPS Hydroponics Air Cooled Grow Light Kit

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This brand new 250W HPS & MH Grow Light System benefits: vigorous growth, accelerate development, and hearty flowering! The balanced spectrum light absorbed well by chlorophyll can make your plants thickset and flourishing more. It is especially productive for spring vegetable and flower seedling development.


24"x17" Air Cooled Reflector

  • Air cooling with 6" air vents fitting to any grow tent
  • Painted white panels w 0.4mm textured aluminum up to 95% highly reflection
  • Delivers all the light down to the plants
  • Tempered glass with exhaust fan(NOT included) can deflate heat for plants not need much heat
  • Standard 6" air vent fits to 6" exhaust fan system(NOT included)
  • UL listed standard E39/E40 Ceramic Socket is fits for most bulbs
  • Glass Dimensions: 17-3/4 " L x 16-7/8 " W
  • Overall Dimensions: 24" L x 17" W x 8-1/4" H

250W HPS/MH Bulb:

  • Non-luring insects
  • Strong power to penetrate fog
  • High output, high luminescence efficiency.
  • Fit for all standard 250 watts grow light systems
  • Fit for the Heliophile, such as Rose and Camellia, which grows better at longer sunshine time.
Life (hrs) 24000 10000
Color Temp. 2100K 4200K
Rated Initial Lumens 32000LM 21000LM
Base Type E39 E39
Certificate FCC FCC

    250W Digital Electronic Dimmable Ballast:

    • Power output: Dimmable at 50%, 75%, 100%
    • Fully compatible for metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs
    • The built-in fuse and graduating fin design resulting in 15% cooler operation
    • Stabilize input power and output luminous flux.
    • Reduce wastage and improve usable efficiency of power supply equipment capability.
    • Open/short circuit protection under input terminal/internal heat and radio frequency for critical components
    Rated Power 250 watts
    Specified Frequency 50/60Hz
    Multi-Voltage Range 120V/240V
    Power Factor >99%
    Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) <10%
    Operation Temperature -40 to 65 íëí__’Çíëíæíë_í«íˆíë_?C
    Crest Factor <1.7
    Overall Size 9"L x 4-3/8"W x 2-3/4"H
    Power Cord Length 78"(w/ US standard plug)

      24-hour Timer: (Free Gift)

      • Each segment is 15 minutes.
      • Timer Power: Max Wattage 1875W; Max Current 15A/120V/60Hz

      Ratchet Rope YoYo: (Free Gift)

      • Up to 150 lbs / 68 kg weight load capacity per pair.
      • Made with special heat and cold resistant composite material.
      • Maximum Extension Length: 7 Feet

      Package Contents(Optional):

      • 1x 250W MH Bulb
      • 1x 250W HPS Bulb
      • 1x 250W Digital Electronic Ballast
      • 1x Reflector
      • 1 Pair of Cotton Yarn Gloves(Only for 35"x29" 5-surface Reflector as Free Gift)
      • 1x Timer as Free Gift
      • 1 Pair Ratchet Rope YoYo as Free Gift