22" 55cm Beauty Dish Honeycomb Grid Soft Box Diffuser Set

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Brand New 22"(55cm) Beauty Dish & Honeycomb Grid For Photography Studio

This beauty dish is a different kind of light modification device because it doesn't diffuse light. It wraps light around a subject, producing an effect somewhere between direct flash and a softbox, and adds drama when used with accessories like a grid. What's more, it is used in portrait and fashion work to generate a concentrated pool of light and produce its characteristic round catch light in the subject's eyes.


  • Made of aluminum
  • 22"(55cm) diameter
  • A metal reflector that uses its parabolic shape to distribute light towards a focal point
  • With a grid, easy to alter the shape and intensity of the light output, focusing the light more directly on the subject
  • A white diffuser to provide additional softness
  • Reduce the scattering of light and obtain a soft diffusion
  • Provided with the honeycomb to create a directional light and eliminate harsh shadows
  • A perfect accessory for photographers to get soft light source for portraits

Kindly notice: The strobe light showed in pictures is only for demonstration.

Package Includes:

  • 1x 22"(55cm) Beauty Dish
  • 1x Honeycomb Grid
  • 1x White Diffuser
  • 1x Mounting Bracket