20000mAh Portable Jump Starter Power Bank Charger Multi-function

$ 79.99
SKU: YES3908


  • Unique and Compact Slim Portable Heavy Duty Jump Starter with 600 Amp Peak and a huge capacity of 20000mAh almost could start your vehicle (up to 1.32 gal gas or 0.92 gal diesel engine) about 22 times.
  • Built-in LED emergency light with three modes: strong light, strobe light, and signal light for lighting or SOS.
  • Selecting and using fire-retardant materials, having outstanding performance of fire resistance and electrical isolation
  • Intelligent circuit protects against over-heating, over-currents, over charging and short circuit. Charging stops when battery is full.
  • Supply power for laptops, mobile phones, cameras, DV, gaming consoles or other devices at speeds of up to 2.1 amps via the USB port or via the 12V/16V/19V DC output port


Jump Starter
        • Capacity: 20000 mAh / 74 WH
        • Input: DC 15V/2A
        • Output: 19V/3.5A, 16V/3.5A, 12V/2A
        • USB output: 5V/2.1A
        • Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V/1A
        • Start Current: 300A
        • Peak Mode: 600A (3S)
        • Out voltage at auto start end: 12V
        • Cycle Life: 1000 times
        • Operation Temperature Range: -10℃ - 60℃
        • Charging Time: About 4.5 hours
        • Jump Starter Dimension: 190 x 85 x 48 mm
      Tire Inflation(Air Compressor Pump)
          • Input: 12V DC
          • Maximum Pressure: 80 PSI
          • Maximum Current: 4A
          • Unloaded Current: <2.5A
          • Inflating Speed: Less than 10 minutes to inflate tire from 0 to 30 PSI
          • Working temperatures: -10℃ - 60℃
          • Pressure gauge display: Analogue-select reading in PSI, BAR & KPA
          • Dimension: 110 x 95 x 47 mm

        Package Includes:

        • 1x Jump Starter
        • 1x Air Compressor Pump
        • 1x Battery clamps
        • 1x Car charger
        • 1x Notebook adapter cable
        • 8x Notebook adapter connector
        • 1x AC Power Charger adapter
        • 2x Adaptors for both inflatable(bicycle tire included)
        • 1x Manual
        • 1x Plastic box