16" Photo Cube Studio Tent Kit w/ Softboxes Background

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Brand New 16" Portable Jewelry Special Black Professional Photo Tent Kit

Soft Light Tent:

  • 40cm x 40cm x 40cm size, approximately 16" x 16" x 16"
  • Top and side fabric(white) gently diffusing the light from your light sources to prevent shadows.
  • Dark black surrounding makes your jewelry stunning shining and attract most of customers' eyes!
  • Removable front door with slit for camera len, great for photographing highly reflective objects such as silver and glass.
  • Setup in seconds and fold up for convenient storage and travel.


  • 40cm x 40cm x 40cm size, approximately 16" x 16" x 16"
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Built-in four-side light reflectors which are perfect for concentrating light
  • Silver internal: minimize light loss and maximize light spread
  • Extremely soften the light and get rid of the shadows to improve the quality of your images

Mushroom Daylight Bulbs:

  • 3x 45 watts spiral mushroom daylight bulb for better light
  • Color temperature is 5500k, most perfect color temperature for photography.
  • Energy saving up to 80% compact fluorescent spiral bulb
  • Average life 8,000 hours.

C-clamp with Single Holder

  • Single holder apply to photo studio light bulb E27 socket
  • Adjustable clamp for you to mount on camera tripod


  • Non-reflective high-quality flannelet.
  • Size: 26 1/2" L x 14 1/2" W
  • 2 different colors: Black, White for best result.
  • Velcro design allows you to change the background easily and quickly.
  • Suitable for different objects photography by changing the background in seconds.
  • Provide better contrast solution for all objects.

Jewelry Shooting Accesories

  • 9"L x 5 1/2"H Jewelry display for you to show your watch, jewelry, bracelet
  • 2" Diameter cylinder
  • A pair of gloves to advoid handprint
  • Nylon fishing cord for dangling shooting jewery

Package Content:

  • 1x Photo Tent
  • 2x Softboxes
  • 3x Photo Bulbs
  • 1x Single Holder
  • 1x C-clamp
  • 2x Backdrops
  • 1x Jewery Display
  • 1x Gloves