1500x 1/2" #4 Brass Grommet for Semi-Automatic Grommet Machine

$ 21.99
SKU: YES3889


  • 1500 Grommets
  • #4 (1/2") Size
  • Made of Iron with Brass Finish
  • Ideal for Making Posters, Tags, Bags, Curtains, Belts, Dresses, Shoes, etc.


  • Hole Size After Setting=1/2"(12mm)
  • Flange Diameter (Top of Grommet)=0.87"(22mm)
  • Under Flange Height=1/4"(6mm)

Package Content:

  • 1500 Grommets

Grommet Machines and other sizes of grommets (nickel or brass finish) are available in our store:



Type Hole Size after Setting Flange Diam. Under Flange Height
#0 1/4"(6mm) 1/2"(12mm) 1/4"(6mm)
#2 3/8"(10mm) 0.708"(18mm) 0.236"(6mm)
#4 1/2"(12mm) 0.866"(22mm) 0.255"(6.5mm)


  • As the grommets size varies, please check your dies and the specification above carefully for best match.