10ft 8 ribs Outdoor Patio Umbrella Mini LED String Light Color Opt

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This LED Solar String Lights fit for our 10ft 8-rib Outdoor Patio Aluminum Umbrellas perfectly. They add instant warm feeling to outdoor in a very economical way. You can extend the enjoyment of your umbrella with a lighted canopy which illuminates your dining table or entertaining area well after dark. So Cool, so beautiful and romatic!

We recommend these lights if your umbrella fit for All of below conditions:
1. 10ft 8-rib Aluminum/Steel/Iron umbrella
2. Dimension of each rib: 1/2"W x 7/10"H
3. Shape of umbrella ribs: Elliptic

Fit for Elliptic Umbrella Rib (1/2"x7/10" ,12mm x18mm)
Not Fit For Square Umbrella Rib


  • Create romantic ambiance and ample warm lighting for outdoor patio & table umbrellas.
  • Powered by the sun, no electric wiring required.
  • Latest improved solar panel, high conversion rate and long usage time.
  • Energy-efficient and energy saving.
  • Easy to use, safer than candles.
  • Includes 50 all weather plastic clips to hold strands to umbrellas fabric cover


    LED Light Color:
    Cool White/ Warm White
    String Quantity:
    8(fit for 8-rib umbrellas)
    LED Quantity:
    Each String Length:
    Solar Panel:
    Fit for SIZE of Umbrella:
    10ft 8-rib Aluminum Umbrella

    Note:Light String Only, umbrella not included

    Package Contents:

  • 1 x LED String Light
  • 1 x Solar Panel
  • 1 x Battery
  • 50 x Plastic Clips