3/4HP Garbage Disposal 1.2L Food Waste Disposer Black

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SKU: YES3041

This Deluxe Black Food Waste Disposer features the powerful grinding and noise-reduction technologies, handling more volume and more types of food waste while making less noise than standard disposers.


  • Compact design, top-grade engineering plastic provides dual protection to the processor body
  • High speed 4200 RPM magnet motor helps grind food waste into little granule or paste easily
  • Equipped with low noise motor, the structure design also can reduce the shake
  • Permanently lubricated, sleeve-type bearings
  • Connects to most standard-size septic tanks for eco-friendly use
  • Suppose the processor runs 5 minutes for each time, 3 times a day, its life cycle is more than 10 years


Overall Dimensions 15" x 8 2/3" x 8 2/3"
Voltage 110V
Power 3/4HP
Frequency 60Hz
Motor Speed 4200 RPM
Processor Body Capacity 1.2 L
Color Black

Package Content:

  • 1x Garbage Disposer
  • 1x Air Switch Button
  • 2x Pipe
  • 1x Elbow Tube
  • 1x Leakage-proof Ring
  • 1x Pipe Fasten Clip
  • 1x Manual

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