Yescomusa: Which 2020 Products Were Best Sellers and Why

Yescomusa: Which 2020 Products Were Best Sellers and Why

Which Products Were Popular in 2020

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2020 was difficult for individuals and businesses alike. We at Yescomusa pride ourselves on keeping one step ahead of our customer’s needs and provide products that will improve the quality of your life. As we step into 2021, we look back on last year and learn how our products helped our customers and promise a bright future. 

Shopping Habits During 2020 

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There is no doubt that 2020 has changed the world forever. Our normal routines have changed drastically and this not only affects our demeanor but our shopping habits as well. As the worldwide emergency continues on psychological shifts have led to several marketing trends.



It is obvious that e-commerce has become vital to our normal lives as many stores have been asked to temporarily shut down. For this reason, buyers have become a lot more skeptical of shopping online and tend to stick with the brands that they like and trust. We at Yescomusa would like to thank you for your business! Here is what was popular last year!      

Cook Healthy with a Countertop Griddle 

Our countertop electric griddle was one of our bestsellers last year! That is because the stainless steel flat surface is sturdy and easy to clean. The cooking surface is easy to clean because the cast iron surface heats up evenly and drains grease into a removable tray. Heavy duty and compact, this high-quality appliance features splash guards to keep your kitchen free of grease and other mess. A countertop grill is a perfect appliance to cook all types of healthy foods including chicken, vegetables, breakfast foods, and other grilled dishes.





All-In-One Music Player

Do you love music? Our all-in-one music player is the perfect gift for any music collector. This handy device plays vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes, USB, MP3s, am/FM radio, and even connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth! The music player also connects to two large speakers that can be controlled by your smartphone or remote control. Enjoy your music in any form with this neat CE certified music player!    






Take Your Business On The Go

2020 has brought a lot of changes to several businesses. Due to physical distancing guidelines, the beauty industry has suffered tremendously. So in 2020, many beauty technicians are bringing their business to their clients. Using a rolling makeup studio is the perfect cosmetic tool for the traveling makeup artist.

 The folding case transforms from a rolling suitcase to a standing cosmetic studio with room for all of your makeup and hairstyling tools. The studio features bright bulbs and a large mirror, so you don’t miss a beat when you’re styling makeup or hair!  

Protect Your Business 

For some businesses, physical distancing is nearly impossible. Therefore, we must stay as safe as possible in situations where we have to interact. Use our 6mm thick acrylic sneeze guard to protect yourself, your customers, and your employees from harmful airborne particles. These thick blockers work well in offices between desks, behind cash registers, nail salons, or wherever physical distancing is difficult.    

Light Up The Room With LED Smart Lights

Connect our LED smart lights to your smart device for access to 16 million colors and 3 color modes. These smart light panels can be controlled by Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or your own voice! Dismantle and reassemble these smart lights to any custom design you like and charge the wireless blocks on the recharging base. These lights are designed to craft the ideal atmosphere for any situation including the holidays, couples times, and entertainment centers.      

Set up Your Game Room. Smart lights are particularly popular in game rooms or entertainment centers. That is because they can be set to the beat of the music or sound playing to amplify the experience. Let your color changing smart light panels help you celebrate a win on your favorite video game, or blink to the action of your favorite movie. Learn how to set up you entertainment center with smart light's there! 

Create the Perfect Mood with Smart Lights. Light, shade, color, and hue all affect the mood and atmosphere of the room. Change the mood of the room that you're by simply changing the color. Did you know that the lighting in your room can affect your sleep? Check out our guide to setting up your room using smart lights!




Keep the Air Clean 

Our HEPA Filter Activated Carbon Anionic Odor Remover not only eliminates odor from the arm, but it destroys harmful particles as well! This heavy-duty standing machine effectively eradicates dust, smoke, pet dander, pollen, and particles as small as 0.3 microns. Within minutes Anionic Odor Remover can capture 99.97% of dangerous material from the air! Feel safe and breathe deep when you know your air is clean and healthy. 



Stay Safe the Year with Yescomusa

We all know that during these times, the holidays are going to be different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 
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